How to Barry White Your House For When You Bring Her Home

by Katlyn Eriksen

Ok so Barry White may be a bit dated and cliché, but who knows, maybe she'll love it!

In any case, music is key to setting the mood, so make sure you have a nice compilation of music with a mix of genres. It will help you to both relax and it's also a great way to help keep the conversation flowing.

Read on for some more tips on how to create an environment in your home that well go down well with the ladies.

What Your Home Says About You

Someone's home is a big window into their personality. It's a great way to learn more about them, their interests and even their habits, good and bad.

So have a think about what your home says about you, making sure that this marries up with the impression that you would like to give off.

If you are hoping to develop something long term with the girl you bring back, make sure the environment is inviting and comforting enough that she is going to want to come back and enjoy being there.

Making sure that your place is clean and tidy and you have fresh towels and bedding is an absolute must, as there's nothing more off putting for a woman than poor hygiene.

Furnish Your Home With Some Female Friendly Items

What you don't want is to give off the impression that it is a single man's bachelors pad.

This could make it look as though you aren't very experienced with women and that you are not serious about finding someone or letting a woman into your life.

You want to have some items around the house that a woman can relate to, that will show you have a more sensual and caring side.

Some good ideas include candles, some art on the walls or small sculptures, ideally of a man and woman intertwined, or something of a similar romantic inclination. Having some nice plants around helps to show that you have a caring side and you appreciate nature, as well as contribute towards creating a nice environment. She will appreciate some hand cream in the bathroom after handwashing, which will also show that you like to take care of yourself.

On The Night

Making sure that your home is warm and inviting on the first night is key.

Leave the heating on low before you go out, or set a timer to make sure it's warm when you get back. Alternatively if you have a fireplace that is always a real winner. Get it flared up as soon as you get in.

Show that you are a good host by leading her into your home, letting her know where she can put her things and where she can get comfortable while you go and sort the drinks/nibbles out. Pop some music on before you do to keep her entertained and to help her relax.

Getting Settled

When you get back, sit down on the sofa next to her, close enough that either of you can initiate physical contact when the time is right.

Ask her if she's comfortable and if there's anything else she needs. And once you are both settled then making conversation should be easy as there is always so much to talk about when you go into someone's home for the first time.

Just remember to relax, have fun and good conversation, and just see where the evening takes you.