How to Connect with Your Partner's Spiritual Side

by Katlyn Eriksen

spiritual connection

It's pretty cool to be spiritual these days, so much so that a recent Time article reported that people who make time for spiritual matters, are actually happier.

If your girl is suddenly into meditation, yoga, or astral experiences and you'd like to hop on her wavelength, it isn't actually that difficult.

By keeping an open mind and making a little room in your life for spiritual matters, you may find that the sense of connection to something larger than just yourself, makes you a happier, better man.

Finding Your Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality these days takes many forms, so don't be surprised if your partner's choice of activity isn't church or communal worship.

Harvard Divinity School academics remind us that spirituality comes in many forms and these days, it is just as likely to be found in a gym as it is in a formal religious setting. Professor Casper ter Kuile says that these days, "People go (to gyms) because they want to lose weight or gain muscle strength, but they stay for the community. It's really the relationships that keep them coming back."

At classes like CrossFit or SoulCycle, people spur each other on, support each other, and compete in a healthy way. It feels good to be reaching for higher ground together and this feeling of unity is in every sense deeply spiritual.

Trying Out New Spiritual Experiences

Research has found that couples who try 'self-expansive' experiences together, enjoy heightened sexual desire.

These experiences are new, different, and often, a little risque.

One spiritual activity that can be considered 'self-expansive' is that of travelling astrally together or taking part in astral sex. It sounds more 'out there' than it seems. Almost 6% of people surveyed say they are able to go 'outside' their body and view themselves from a different perspective. It is quite a powerful experience that some people say can be learned through specific exercise.

If you are able to go beyond the physical, then uniting with your lady love astrally is indeed an earth-shattering experience.

Why not give it a try?

Spirituality Can Be Simple

If you want to hone your spiritual side with your partner, it doesn't have to be as fancy or difficult as you might imagine.

One of the simplest yet most beneficial things you can do is to head to a lush natural area, where you can put on an app like Headspace or Calm, and follow a short (five- or 10-minute) breathing or meditation session together. This short exercise can bring your stress levels down, give you a sense of peace, and enable you to give yourself fully to 'the present moment' and to each other. This is the kernel of mindfulness yet a powerful ally to have on your side, especially when life is stressful.

Younger generations (millennials and younger) may be turning away from structured religion as their parents knew it, but they are as spiritual as ever.

Rather than strengthening their sense of spiritually in churches, they are doing so anywhere and everywhere a sense of community can be established.

If your partner has been wanting you to join her on her spiritual journey, suggest something different and give her a surprise.