How to Make a Woman Laugh

Some Funny Lines to Help You Break the Ice with a Woman

by Nismo-4

When using these lines, never look for a reaction or wait for her to laugh.

The key to delivering a funny line is to say it nonchalently, even looking away quickly while you're saying it.

The point of these kinds of lines is to make her LAUGH — Not insult her. So when you understand the attitude and come up with your own funny lines, make sure that they end up making the woman laugh.

These kinds of arrogant yet funny phrases are POWERFUL and will give you results that will seem like magic. Women will laugh and start talking to you more, sometimes leaving their friends to spend more time with you.

  • Are you always like this, or just with guys that you're attracted to?
  • I'm SO out of your league.
  • We need to find you a man. He seems your type. (Point to a dork.)
  • Is she ALWAYS like this?
  • You keep making these funny facial expressions.
  • Don't get your hopes up. I'm not that easy.
  • It's tough to be such a sex symbol.
  • Take it slow now. I don't want to get hurt! (Said with a cocky smile)
  • Stop undressing me with your eyes...
  • Look, I'm not going home with you tonight.
  • You know, we would argue all the time...and I would always win.
  • I'm tired of girls looking at me like an object. I have feelings!
  • You owe me $50 for making you look cool in front of all these girls.
  • Did you forget to take your medication today?
  • You don't get out much, do you?
  • You're back to square one with me, missy.
  • Oh my God, you're SO embarrassing!
  • Have you been drinking again?
  • You shouldn't be let out unsupervised.
  • You are a total... DORK.
  • If I wasn't here, I'd say you were the sexiest person in the room.
  • I know you're trying to get me drunk so you can try to seduce me...
  • Take it easy, I just met you. You girls only have one track minds...
  • Hey, behave! No dirty talk this early. You're gonna have to EARN it.
  • I'm going to get a restraining order if you keep hitting on me.
  • Everyone's looking at you. They're jealous of you being next to me.
  • You haven't even bought me dinner. I need to be wined and dined.
  • Were you just checking out my ass? You girls are sexual predators!

Do you see what's going on behind the words?

What I want you to take from them is the PLAYFUL TEASING attitude that works so well with women. Making fun of her, playfully accusing her of coming on to you, acting overly comfortable and playing hard to get works.

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