How to Tease a Girl Into Liking You

Girls Are Not Attracted to "Serious" Guys

by ST

I discovered this approach as I noticed a new piece of clothing on a girl friend of mine. I decided to make fun of it...

And it turned-out to be a TURN-ON!

So now I use this on just about any woman I'm interested in. It'll work just fine on your longtime girlfriend or even your wife. If done correctly it creates a lot of attraction.

Here's What You Do

Whenever you see her, pay attention to what she is wearing and start the conversation like always, but don't compliment her on her looks. Besides, if she's good looking every other guy already has and that sounds like a broken record.

After maybe 5 to 10 minutes of typical conversation ask a question about something that she is wearing that may be new or unusual.

Here's an example:

You: "Is that a new coat?" (No smiling! Be cool but serious and unaffected.)

Her: "Yes, do you like it?"

(Note: Even if she says no, chances are she'll want to know if you like it because you made no comments about her looks and she's already wondering if there's something wrong with her.)

You: "Hmmm... Is it expensive?" (Note: Look serious and inquisitive, again no smiling!)

Her: "blabla..."

(Doesn't matter what she answers, but this will put her in a position where she will be looking for your approval.)

If you're really bold and ambitious you can follow-up with:

You: "Why did you have to choose this color?" (Note: This puts more pressure on her but could be risky if you don't know what you are doing.)

Her: "blabla..."

(Note: If she starts to look at you like you are a weirdo then you're in trouble. You want her wandering not insulted. She should look sort of serious and maybe a little worried, her initial smile will likely fade away and that is okay.)

If she asks a question do NOT give her a straight answer NO MATTER WHAT!

Her: "What's wrong with my coat?"

You: "Hmmm... I don't know yet, let me figure it out and I'll be sure to let you know in a few minutes." (You need to keep her wondering until the very end.)

Okay, so now you got her wondering and that is very good. At this point you should keep her talking and delay the punch for a few minutes because it'll increase her level of anticipation.

Do not let the conversation stray away too far from the object in case, you need to close this game in a 15 to 20 minutes time frame.

If possible, get a third person to give his or her opinion on the object in case. It can be a friend of yours that is around, a friend of hers, or if you are good with people you can even pick a stranger on the street.

Here's an example:

You: "Oh, did you see my girlfriend/date has got a new coat?"

Friend: "Oh, yeah, it's nice, I like it."

(Note: Most people will answer something like this out of politeness alone. At this point she appreciates your friend's comment and starts hating you with a passion, thinking you actually might be a serious dumbass.)

You: "Really you like it?" (Note: More pressure...)

Friend: "Sure... Why? You don't?" (Or something to that effect...)

And THEN: Look at her, touch the object in question (lightly and gently), put on a "sly" smile and SAY:

"Well..." (Pause 2 secs)

"You know..." (Pause 2 secs)

"It is in fact VERY nice!"

At this point her face turns red, she punches you in the arm, she bursts in laughter and she loves you for it.

She realizes that you've been pulling her chain all along and it's all in good fun.

This will buy you her complete attention and will blow away any potential competition that might be around. If you do have competition around, you can enjoy looking at them trying to play catch-up.

No Fear!

Remember: Do it without ANY FEAR, be totally cool and laid back at all times. She is looking for YOUR approval. Never let the situation be the opposite.

Try it out on a smaller scale if you lack the confidence. If you mess it up, it's usually fairly easy to close this as a joke and still earn some points.

But you really want her initially hating you and then bursting in laughter shortly after...

And attraction will follow right behind!

SoSuave Note: If you want to be successful with women, you must learn how to tease, play, and have fun with women.

Women are not attracted to guys who are "too serious."

Teasing a woman about her clothes is pretty safe.

But do not make the mistake of teasing a woman about anything she might possibly be insecure about (for example, her nose, her weight, her height, her hair, her skin, whatever).

The above is just one example. Use your imagination.

Bottom line: if you smile, laugh, and have fun... the women will love you!