Why You Must Communicate Your Boundaries with Women

by Keenan Cullen

It is ESSENTIAL to communicate your boundaries starting from the first moment you meet a woman. This is what makes a player in the dating game great!

If you're meeting a woman for the first time, she doesn't know you. She doesn't know what kind of behavior you expect or accept in life.

She's going to treat you the way she wants, or is accustomed to.

The crucial moment comes when she behaves towards you in a way that you see as unacceptable. How you respond during these situations has a large impact on how successful you will be at establishing the relationship you want.

Think about it. How have you -- or do you -- respond when a woman (or anyone) crosses a line with you?

Are you passive? Do you shrug it off?

If you do, she has NO IDEA she crossed a line with you. You haven't communicated that to her. And you can bet she'll do it over and over again. Why wouldn't she?

She doesn't know it's NOT okay with you.

Yet in other cases, she may even pick up that you're not okay with it, but if you don't have the courage to stand up for yourself, she may take advantage of your hesitation.

She may do it knowingly, because she can -- for whatever reason.

Guys who are aggressive -- the jerks -- may lose it and get angry, but they sure let a woman know when she's crossing their boundaries.

It's not the hot-headedness women love about jerks, it's that they communicate their boundaries.

A woman always KNOWS where he stands.

Naturally, you don't have to communicate it in a hostile way, like the jerk.

The hostility may not be a turn-on to women, but the communication of his personal boundary sure IS!

But when you learn how to communicate your boundaries in an assertive, emotionally detached and calm manner, women will view you as a magnetic force.

Now, a woman is aware when she crosses a line with you, BUT at the same time, as with the jerk, she doesn't have to fear it.

She'll respect you. And then, she'll love you.

You MUST begin communicating your boundaries from the VERY beginning!

If you start weeks or months into a relationship, it will jolt a woman. She'll think that the whole time she's gotten to know you, you've been faking who you are... and you probably were.

It may take more courage to communicate your boundaries, but people respect it -- even if it 'upsets' them in the moment.

Simple remember that it's their problem. You deserve respect, so never let a woman try to persuade you out of it.

You cannot have a meaningful relationship without drawing the line and commanding respect.

Communicate your boundaries!

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