How to Make Approaching Women Fun

by Keenan Cullen

How do you go about approaching women you've never met before? You see her across the room, on the bus, or walking down the street.

How do you approach her and strike up a conversation?

For many guys this is a big problem area.

Approaching women is easy when you've brought your self confidence level up to a certain point. Then meeting women becomes effortless, and just a part of everyday life.

It's not what you do, necessarily -- it's who you are. And who you become.

Understanding what works to approach women allows you to improve yourself and your personality in a certain direction.

And when you've made those improvements, approaching women becomes fun.

Here's the basic guidelines...

Create a Comfortable Environment

Ultimately, the first step to approaching women is not your approach as much as it is your level of security in yourself.

If you're insecure and nervous, that will communicate much more than anything you can say. Nothing -- no pick-up line can mask nervousness.

A nervous person will tend to make most other people nervous. Cause and effect, really.

And this definitely applies to approaching women.

The key to approaching women is to create an environment where they're comfortable. And the only genuine way to do this is to first be comfortable with yourself.

If you're not first comfortable with yourself, you're going to give off an 'untrustworthy' vibe.

Conveying trust and openness is crucial!

So how do you create a comfortable environment?

Be Who You Are

The best approach to meeting women is to be yourself. Be genuine.

Now, before we go any further, this can be misinterpreted. It certainly has been by many guys.

Being yourself is being the person you are around your close friends and family. Do you get nervous around your family? Do you go out of your way and buy things to please your friends?

Are you overly nice and accommodating?

Not likely.

The only way to truly be yourself around women is to stop needing their approval and stop caring about what they think about you. To do this, you have to overcome your fears of rejection.

You have to learn to stop worrying about what other people think of you. You have to stop worrying about making mistakes and looking foolish.

Also, you have to remove any desperate feelings. Be complete and content with the possibility of not getting a woman. What!? See, this takes the pressure of yourself, and thus, the situation and interaction.

When you're true to who you are, you'll be comfortable with yourself. And women can sense that immediately.

So what do you do? ...

Focus On the Fun

Placing your focus on enjoying yourself and being fun is the absolute best way to go about approaching women.


You have three options when approaching women...

You can focus on yourself. This tends to make you nervous.

You can focus on her, which is okay, but it can lead to friendship easily too -- and sometimes it puts the pressure on her.

Women do not like this kind of pressure.

Finally, you can focus on the fun. Focus on having a good time, and inviting her into that experience.

Everyone wants to spend time with someone who's positive, charismatic, and personable. Why? They enjoy themselves, and they enjoy other people's company for the simple reason that they enjoy it.

And who doesn't like being around someone who enjoys them?

Instead of approaching women with an agenda in mind, like getting her number or making a good impression, think about what you can do for her...

Think about how you can make her day. Have the mindset that by her meeting you, she's actually going to be better off for it.

One way you can do this is by learning how to get women laughing as soon as you can.

Everyone loves to laugh. But few people know how to make women laugh. Learning this one skill will go a long way!

Applying these simple tips makes approaching women incredibly easy. Of course learning to make these changes in yourself can be challenging.

At any rate, it takes time. But if you stick to learning and improving, the benefits are more rewarding than you can imagine.

Approaching women has much less to do with what you actually say, like pick-up lines, as it has to do with being secure and comfortable within yourself -- and having a positive, playful mindset.

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