The Mysteries Behind Women's Behavior

by Keenan Cullen

Do you find yourself confused by women's behavior? Unsure of who she really is?

Just who is the real woman?

"The real woman is a sensitive, overly emotional being."

"You're wrong. She's a bitchy, complaining, mean thing!"

"No, you're both wrong! She's a sweet, caring individual."

So many different opinions! Why are women's behavior so mysterious? Will we ever figure them out?

What is the REALITY behind women's behavior? Who IS the real woman?

Be prepared, for what follows might upset the way you picture women. But this revelation is NECESSARY to bring you future success.

Women are NONE of these! A lot of the time, anyway.

And here's the reason...

Women have a plan for their network of relationships. In their mind, the world revolves around them. So they assign different relationships to different kinds of people.

What this means is that women also have a plan for how each guy she meets will fit into her life.

This means YOU!

And whenever a guy doesn't seem to want to fit the mold SHE THINKS she wants him to, she'll use DRAMATIC TACTICS in an attempt to manipulate his behavior to fit her mold.

These little women's tactics are often mistaken for the REAL woman!

And if you're not aware of them, like many, many men, it becomes impossible to distinguish the REAL woman from her DRAMA. Women's behavior can create an illusion.

I assure you, this mistake is common -- too common among most men.

It is only by being aware of women's behavior... that these dramatic tactics are cheap tricks used by the woman, but they are NOT the real woman.

Here, we're going to explore them. There are three main tactics women use...

1) Sob Stories
2) Temper Tantrums
3) Flirty Displays

Women will attempt to use any one of these behaviors to get you to do or behave the way THEY want you to! ... to get you to mold to the image and role they want you to play in their life.

But not fitting the mold she wants you to form to -- by not altering to women's behavior -- is the big secret to creating attraction.

How to Handle Women's Sob Stories

Women use Sob Stories to play on your PITY. She uses Sob Stories and complaining to encourage you to feel SORRY for her.

The message she communicates is, "Oh poor me!"

And how do you respond? "Oh, you poor thing! Let me help you."

This is trouble! Let's take a closer look...

How does complaining look? What kind of behavior does she display?

They don't necessarily contain tears -- perhaps in the most severe cases. But they generally come in the form of a woman complaining about a problem in her life, or some other emotional hailstorm she's experiencing.

For a lot of guys, they have a tendency to want to respond in a helpful way. They start to listen to a woman's problems, and offer advice or solutions.

But this is doing exactly what she wants you to do. You may think you're helping her, but really, she is MANIPULATING you!

Here's a simple clue...

If she's complaining about a problem that effects you in some way -- like a flat tire -- find a solution by doing something about it. But if she's feeding you a Sob Story about ANYTHING that has NOTHING to do with you...

... DON'T listen to it!

The key handling a woman's Sob Stories is to never play her therapist!

How to Handle Women's Temper Tantrums

Women use Temper Tantrums to target your GUILT. She uses emotional explosions to encourage you to REGRET something you did.

The message she sends is, "You better do what I want, or you'll be sorry!"

And how to do you react? "Oh no! She's angry at me. I may lose her. Better apologize immediately!"

Whoops! Now we're heading down an eerie path.

How do you identify Temper Tantrums?

These are generally easy to see. I think most of us have seen them. They're any angry or pouty outburst by a woman. And generally, any form of emotional stirred disapproval directed AT YOU.

A lot of guys buckle to a woman's Temper Tantrums. They think they have displeased a woman and now have make things right.

But nothing could be farther from the truth!

She wants you to be in her DEBT... or her perceived debt. That way, you feel like you owe her something. Again, you're being controlled by her manipulation.

The solution? If a woman gets angry at you, LET HER!

Treat the situation the same as you would a fly buzzing around your head... mildly annoying, but nothing to lose your cool over.

The key to handling women's Temper Tantrums is in dealing with women's disapproval.

How to Handle Women's Flirty Displays

Women's Flirty Displays are directed at your PRIDE. She uses flattery and attention to make you feel masculine or ATTRACTIVE... you're the chick magnet.

Not really, though... but she doesn't want you to know that.

The message she communicates is, "Oooooh... you're soooo SEXY!"

And you respond how? "Yeah... that's me. I'm hot! She likes me."

Big mistake!

How do you know when a woman is simply putting on a Flirty Display?

This can be anything from a woman giving you unusually forward attention to touching to overt or obviously revealing behavior, like bending over to give you a nice view of her assets.

Most guys tend to lose it here.

They think a woman is actually into them. And if they haven't had a date in a long time -- or haven't had a woman into them -- they get sucked in.

Now, the woman has the guy around her little finger. He would probably do just about any FAVOR for her at even the hint of a request.

And chances are, she already has had something lined up for him before she put on the Flirty Display.

How to get around it? Back off when women come on strong. Recognize immediately that it's fueled by an agenda.

The key to handling women's Flirty Displays is don't be part of her agenda.

Face the Reality and Set Yourself Free

To become successful in dealing with women, you must FACE the reality that women WILL attempt to manipulate you. And you must LEARN how to deal with it.

Don't let this anger you. Don't get angry at women for being who they are.

Instead, accept it. It's fun to be put to the test.

I know it can be tough to look back into your past and realize that a woman was 'deceiving' you. Noticing that women have used these dramatic tactics on you in the past is tough...

... and perhaps to great effect!

But the truth is, you LET yourself be deceived. I definitely used to let myself be deceived! And now, I look back with a smirk, knowing I've learnt from those experiences.

Now, I'm invincible to their dramatic tactics. And so are you, when you learn to identify them... and deal with them on the fly.

And you want to know a secret?

... the man who is COMPLETELY unaffected by all of woman's dramatic tactics is the man most sought after by women. By not buckling to women's expectations of you actually creates attraction.

Ironic, isn't it?

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