5 Simple Phrases That Will Give You Much More Power In Your Interactions With Women

by Keenan Cullen

Do you want know what makes my approach to dating women different than 90% of all the other guys out their who offer dating advice?

I teach guys how to stand their ground and communicate their boundaries and expectations to women in a very direct way.

And guess what?

Women are NATURALLY attracted to men who do this — especially when you don't lose your "cool" in the process.

After all, this is EXACTLY what characters like James Bond do.

They don't need silly pick-up techniques or tricks. They attract women naturally by being masculine and standing their ground with women (and everybody else).

That's why women love them.

And that's also why we admire these types of characters.

Now, what do most "dating gurus" teach?

Generally, they teach you an assortment of attraction or seduction techniques that you use for the PURPOSE of having women feel attracted to you.

Nothing necessarily wrong with that — on one condition:

You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not in order to use them.

But why not take an approach that allows you to not only be yourself from the moment you meet a woman, but also attracts her as a side-effect?

Well, if you've been reading my material for awhile now, you've probably already made that decision.

So here are five simple phrases that will take your NATURAL attractiveness to women to the next level.

It's ALL about communicating WHO you are and WHERE you stand.

You can use them in any "tough situations" with women, which will not only communicate your major boundaries to women but create attraction AT THE SAME TIME:

PHRASE #1: "I'll Think About It"

Has a woman ever either offered you advice that you never asked her for or directly told you to do something she had no business telling you?

You know, maybe she said something along these lines:

"You should hang-out with me tonight instead of going to the game with your dad."

"Take a right here. I need to go to that convenience store."

How do you respond?

Do you agree?

Do you find yourself just "going along" with it because you don't want to displease her or cause a "scene"?

If so, here's the one phrase you need in situations where women get "demanding" or "controlling" with you:

"I'll think about it."

That's it. Then do whatever you already had in mind.


"You should hang-out with me tonight instead of going to the game with your dad."

"I'll think about it." Then continue on your way out the door, on your way to the game.

"Take a right here. I need to go to that convenience store."

"I'll think about it." Then keep driving to the destination you'd already planned.

Remember, if a woman wants you to do something FOR HER, she can ASK respectfully. And if she wants to DEMAND, you have the right to refuse her.

In fact, I'd HIGHLY suggest you do refuse!

What you're communicating is that she can't get what she wants from you by doing it in a demanding way.

That's a BIG "no-no".

PHRASE #2: "Is That Right?"

How many times has a woman either warned you or even mildly "threatened" you by telling you what you shouldn't do?

For example, maybe she cautioned you with:

"If you don't stop smoking, you'll get cancer."

"You shouldn't eat fast food. It's bad for you."

What do you say to things like that?

Maybe you get nervous or uncomfortable for being "under the gun".

Or maybe you submit, agree with her, and even feel a little guilty about it.

But there's only one phrase you need to say in these situations:

"Is that right?"

Then continue doing what she was complaining about as if her comment had no effect on you.


"If you don't stop smoking, you'll get cancer."

"Is that right?" as you take another puff.

"You shouldn't eat fast food."

"Is that right?" as you take a bite, letting out a "Yuuuum."

You know, maybe there's some truth in what she's saying and maybe she's saying it because she thinks it's the "caring" thing to do.

But guess what?

Trying to make someone else's choices for them is about the most disrespectful thing a person can do — especially when there was no invitation.

So what you're communicating whenever a woman tries to make you doubt yourself is that YOU are — and always will be — behind the driver's seat of your own life, regardless of the fact that sometimes you do make "poor" decisions.

What? ... and she doesn't?

PHRASE #3: "Maybe" Or "Probably"

Have you ever had a woman disapprove of your decisions or even "accuse" you of something?

Perhaps she said something along these lines:

"Are you going out with your friends... again!?"

"Do you find her attractive!?"

If you think back, generally how did you reply?

Did you get defensive and try to make a "case" for yourself?

Or did you get irritable and deny it?

If you have in the past, in the future there's no reason to respond in either of these two ways.

Instead, all you need to remember is one or two words:


Or a sarcastic: "Probably."

"Are you going out with your friends... again!?"

"Maybe," as you pick up the phone to call your friend.

"Do you find her attractive!?"


What you're communicating by giving her an indifferent or vague answer is that you don't tolerate stupid questions women ask that are designed to "induce guilt" and get you to conform to their agendas.

Yet sometimes a truthful and blunt "Yes" is even appropriate.

Unconsciously, in these situations, a woman wants you to feel uncomfortable so she has you "squirming on her hook", but if you answer her question directly and honestly... and if she doesn't like the truth, she shouldn't have asked the question.

"Do you find her attractive!?"


Though I wouldn't recommend this until or unless you know you can handle the inevitably Temper Tantrum she'll unleash.

After all, the only reason women ask questions like these is to make you give them the answer they want. And by being open and blunt, you let them know you think for yourself, regardless of what they think.

PHRASE #4: "Perhaps I'll Tell You Next Year"

Has a woman ever "demanded" to know something about you that was really none of her business... and in a way that was TOO forward and "nosy"?

Something like:

"I tried calling you five times... where were you!?"

"How many other women are you seeing?"

How have you handled yourself in situations like these?

Maybe you got frantic and told her by explaining the details.

Of maybe you got defensive and starting making excuses.

But the truth is, there's no reason to respond from a place of powerlessness because the answers are really no concern of hers.

So all you have to remember next time is this one simple phrase:

"Perhaps I'll tell you next year."


"I tried calling you five times... where were you!?"

"Perhaps I'll tell you next year." Then change the subject.

"How many other women are you seeing?"

"Perhaps I'll tell you next year." Again, change the subject.

What you're communicating by saying this is that, if you want to reveal personal information about yourself, you'll do it on your own terms.

And doing it on your own terms does not mean having a woman force it or "beat it out of you".

PHRASE #5: "Maybe Later"

Now, how about this:

Have you ever had a woman try to get you to do something for her when she could have just as easily done it herself, but she was either too lazy or too consumed with a sense of "over-importance"?

Things like:

"Would you close the car door for me, honey?" Meanwhile, her hands are empty — aside from the cell phone she's talking on, perhaps.

"Can you do the dishes? I'm really busy."

What do you do?

Well, perhaps you just do it without thinking.

Or perhaps you think it's ridiculous but you do it anyway to prevent an altercation.

If so, here's the one phrase you need to know:

"Maybe later."


"Would you close the car door for me, honey?"

"Maybe later," as you close your own door and keep walking.

"Can you do the dishes? I'm really busy."

"Maybe later," as you go to finish up some leftover work that didn't get finished during your work day.

What you're communicating by being indifferent and then "speaking" with your actions is letting her know that you refuse to become anyone's "slave".

Of course, a direct "No" works well in these situations too.

But like the blunt "Yes", a woman will usually follow-up with the infamous Temper Tantrum. So if you're not in the mood to deal with it, a "Maybe later" is a less tedious route to take.

Now, I'm not saying you should never do things for women. Not at all. What I am saying is that you don't do things for women when they can do them themselves but they "sucker" you into doing them — out of laziness or from being on a "power trip".

When Dealing With Women's Bad Behavior... Sarcasm Is Your VERY BEST Friend!

These five simple phrases are perfect "defaults" to communicate your boundaries in these common situations... until you start coming up with your own "on the fly", according the situation.

And when you start "thinking on your feet", just remember:

Sarcasm is your VERY BEST friend when dealing with women's bad behavior!

Here's why:

There seem to be a few unspoken rules in Human Psychology that you can't address directly without losing your power:

If you DENY or DEFEND yourself, you give up your power.

If you JUSTIFY or EXPLAIN your "case", you give up your power.

If you APOLOGIZE when it's not your fault, you give up your power.

I won't go into the psychology behind that here, but...

Sarcasm allows you to avoid doing any of these things without giving up your power... yet you still communicate your boundaries — exactly what people are attempting to do with defending, justifying, and apologizing.

Only wit or sarcasm wins where those "logical" reactions lose.

Here's a few examples:

"If you don't stop smoking, you'll get cancer."

"No, I won't!"

You're defending yourself: Game over.

So how about this instead:

"And if you don't stop telling people what to do with their lives, no one's going to want to spend any time with you."


"Do you find her attractive!?"

"Ummm... no."

Obviously, you do... and you're lying about it and she knows it: Game over.

But how about this:

"Yeah... but only a little bit more than you."

And finally...

"I tried calling you five times... where were you!?"

"Oh... um... I got side-tracked at Bob's. I'm sorry."

Apologizing for your decisions: Game over.

What about this instead:

"Oh! I took a quick trip to the moon in a spaceship for a few hours. It was pretty cool."

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About the Author: Hi, my name's Keenan Cullen, and I hope you profited from my article. I'm passionate about becoming the very best communicator I can possibly be. And if you want to learn more about what I've discovered about dealing and relating with people effectively, visit my blog or sign-up for my free weekly articles here >> www.keenancullen.com