3 Proven Ways to Get Her to Pursue You

by Jason Rogers

You’re about to learn 3 ways to get her to pursue you. Interested?

Maybe I’ve just got a big ego, but I love it when attractive women pursue me. It’s damned refreshing to sit back, relax, and enjoy the influx of feminine energy. Don’t you agree?

But I have a confession to make. Once upon a time, if you told me I could learn to get women to pursue me, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Here was how I used to think...

“I’m not tall. I’m not a quarterback or a DJ. And I’m sure as hell not handsome. So why in the hell would would women chase me?”

What an embarrassing way to think, right? Boy am I grateful I no longer think like this. Finally, I realized what a poisonous mindset I had. So I told myself to cut the shit, end the pessimism, and start putting myself out there.

If you’re thinking like I used to, then pull your head out the sand. You can get the dating results you desire — and these 3 proven ways to get her to pursue you will help. But remember, the “woe is me” mindset will send her scampering. And for good reason. She wants a man, not a whinny little bitch.

That said, you recognize your value. You realize your worth as a man. Right? Groovy. Then allow me to reveal 3 proven ways to get her to pursue you — being the quality man that you are.

1 - Shut the Hell Up

This one is so easy it’s shocking. Consider: most guys feel a constant burden to hold and maintain conversation with women they like. You’ve seen it. They go on and on about the weather and the birds and the bees. Topics they don’t even truly care about. Consequently, she’s eyeing the venue, looking for her escape.

But you’re different. Sure, you realize that if you approach a woman, it helps to front load the conversation with some playful banter, in the beginning. And you’re socially skilled enough to carry the conversation whenever it’s needed.

But you also know that silence is power. Instead of mindlessly rambling, fearful of an awkward silence, you bask in the quiet. You look her in the eye, calmly, with a smirk.

And then? She fills in the conversational gap. With a question about you, perhaps. Or an awkward laugh. In truth, what happens next isn’t all that important. The key here is that you’re setting a precedent that she needs to work for your attention. By shutting the hell up, you quietly require her to work for you.

This one’s subtle. It’s not obvious to her what you’re doing, by shutting up. Nor is this a try hard maneuver. Which is precisely why shutting the hell up makes her think to herself, “Hmm… This guy’s different. I like this.”

2 - Don’t Respond to Her Texts

Try this ASAP. Just stop responding. Give it a few days. It works dynamite. The reason’s simple: every other guy is texting her non-stop. By doing the opposite, you become unique, harder to have, and thus, more desirable.

Let the needy dudes highlight your value for you. You have more important things to do. So you turn your phone on airplane mode and get back to work, instead. When texting her, less is more.

And like magic, while Bob and Billy and Buck blow up her phone with *witty* banter lines they took 30 minutes to conjure up, you let her mind wander about, you guessed it… you. While they text her, she thinks to herself, “Why hasn’t he texted me back?” Even better, when you finally do text her phone, she gets a rush of excitement.

Scarcity creates value. You know this. It’s why you don’t feel compelled to respond to her texts — or any of her other messages, for that matter.

3 - Say No

Whether you decline her invitation out or pass up on the opportunity to keep spending time with her, saying no gives her space to chase you even more. It also highlights your value even more. Think about it. Only a man with a mission and abundance actually says no to a beautiful woman.

Saying no shows you have higher priorities in your life. It shows you’re a dominant man — the kind of man research shows women are hardwired to desire.

Whereas any man can tell her he’s “busy” or that he has “options,” by declining her requests, you show her these things about yourself.

Remember, attraction isn’t logical. In fact, attraction tends to follow inverse logic. You’d think that by saying yes to her every request, she’d like you more. Wrong! If you want her to pursue you, start saying no.

She wants the guy she can’t quite get her hands on. So instead of knee-jerking to an automatic “YES,” like a teenager overflowing with hormones, act like a man and keep your priorities straight.

If you had plans beforehand and she asks you to come over that same evening, stick to your original plans. Or, if it’s between her and your life’s work, make the obvious choice and commit to what really counts.

By saying no to some of the request she makes, she’ll start making more requests. You’re using your presence as intermittent reinforcement: a well documented psychological principle which creates ravenous, repetitive behavior.

Sometimes you say yes. Other times, you say no. The uncertainty of your next move becomes addicting (this also applies to only responding to her texts intermittently).

What do you know? By saying no and responding less, you start getting more texts inviting you out. When you do see her again (and you will if she has anything to say about it), she’s a hell of a lot more likely to try and get you commit to future plans.

It’s simple. By shutting the hell up, not always responding to her texts, and saying no to her requests, you give her space to chase you and pursue you. And this makes her attracted to you.

Good luck out there gents. Put these three keys into play. And enjoy the fruits of your (limited) labor.

About the Author: Jason Rogers helps men confidently speak up, succeed socially, and meet amazing women. See his work at peakunderpressure.com