Become Confident Around Women in 4 Simple Steps

by Jason Rogers

I mean, that’s what you want... isn’t it?

You want to feel calm, confident, and composed around women. You know that if you could consistently feel this way around the most attractive women, that your dating life would skyrocket.

Luckily, there’s a way.

What follows is the step-by-step sequence I lead my clients through who desire confidence around attractive women. Follow these four steps and you too will experience a whole new level of confidence around women.

Best of all? These 4-steps consistently deliver guys who follow them real results in under 30 days. With that said, why delay? Let’s dive into this bad boy, shall we?

Step One: Approach One Attractive Woman Tomorrow

That’s it.

Just meet one attractive woman you didn’t know during your day or evening, tomorrow.

This can be a woman from a different department at work. It can be a cutie who’s in line next to you in the grocery store. Chat up a cutie in the bar after work. Or, approach that foxy brunette sitting there on the park bench.

The specifics here don’t matter. All that matters is you approach one attractive woman tomorrow. Be resourceful and get the job done.

As for what to say? You can bookmark this guide if you’re looking for tons of flirting examples. But don’t overcomplicate things. Simply introducing yourself and starting a chat with a cutie is the only goal.

Step Two: Learn One Lesson from Your Interaction

The “result” of your interaction does not matter. It doesn’t matter worth a shit. The goal isn’t to “woo” this one woman. The goal is to become permanently confident around attractive women for a lifetime.

Therefore, as soon as you finish your conversation, your mission is simple: learn one lesson from your interaction. Here’s what you wanna do...

Ask yourself the following question the instant you leave the conversation.

“What’s the number one thing I can learn from that interaction that will help me get a better result next time?”

By immediately asking yourself this question, two things happen.

First, you’ll be surprised what sage like advice your brain gives you. Especially since you read new content like this, your brain has lots of dating wisdom stored. Now? You’re going to give yourself realtime feedback.

Secondly, by asking yourself this question the second after your conversation finishes, you’re training yourself to let go of the outcome — whether it’s a good one or a bad one. This detachment from the validation (or lack thereof) from a sexy woman is paramount.

By not focusing on what she said or how she responded, you’re training yourself to surge with confidence no matter what happens when you’re around attractive women.

Religiously practicing step two after your approaches is how you can become that “no fucks given” kinda guy that women crave.

Step Three: Validate Yourself with Well Earned, Positive Self Talk

You did it, my man. You approached a foxy chica. Then? You learned a personalized nugget of wisdom that’ll make you more smooth around the next attractive woman you talk to.

Honestly, getting to step three isn’t easy for most guys.

As a result, and in order to ensure you stay healthfully detached of the opinion of the sexy woman you just approached, now it’s time to pat yourself on the back.

Yes, you can literally, physically, pat yourself on the back. But what’s more important is the inner-self validation. Make sure you tell yourself something positive.

For example, you may say to yourself, “Nice job bro. That took courage. Way to take action.” This is the type of “patting on the back” I’m referring to.

Again, validating yourself after each interaction with positive self talk is crucial to both your confidence and for cultivating a positive outlook regardless of outcome.

Equally, patting yourself on the back with positive self talk (and perhaps a literal pat on the back too) fuels you with the motivation you’re going to want in order to tackle step four...

Step Four: Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3 Each Day for the Next Month

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t expect to transform your confidence around women by simply talking to an attractive woman one time!

That said, by following the aforementioned step-by-step sequence with discipline over the next 30 days, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make!

By committing to this process for the next month, what you’ll notice is your confidence compounds on itself.

You’ll learn more about women, yourself, sexuality, and social dynamics by taking action on this process for 30 straight days, than you ever could from reading blogs and watching videos alone.

The truth is that real knowledge comes from real world experience. Likewise, as long as you steadfastly commit to steps 2 and 3 each day you approach, there’s no need to fear whether or not you get results. This isn’t about “getting her number” or adding a “notch” to your bedpost.

Think of this 30 day challenge as a training regimen. Because in truth, this 30 day challenge is a regimen — that’ll ensure you’re able to get real dating results for a lifetime.

So let go of the need for her validation! Say screw it to your fears! And follow these four steps. You can do this!

Best of all? You’ll be unbelievably happy with yourself when you do. And as the cherry on top? Easily attracting women will become a natural process for you.

About the Author: Jason Rogers helps men date and dominate. See his work at