How to Pull Super Beautiful Women Online

by Jake Vandenhoff

If you're anything like me, you want to date the hottest, sexiest, best looking women possible.

However, most guys are very intimidated by stunningly gorgeous women, and are completely unable to approach them. So, today, I'm going to teach you some simple guidelines for dating the most attractive 1% of women on dating sites.

Here's the thing...

Dating very attractive women isn't any "harder" than it is to date any other type of women. You've just got to go about it the right way...

Here's what you do:

1) Take Her Off That Pedestal

Always assume that you can date ANY girl you want regardless of what she looks like. Your mindset is extremely important here. If she's on a dating site, she is looking for something and that something can be YOU!

The more confident you are and the more you treat her like a normal person the better she is going to respond to you.

2) Act Unaffected By Her Beauty

When you contact a super fine woman on a dating site, don't switch up your game just because she's extra hot.

Of course if you are lacking game in general, you need to fix that. But assuming that your game is decent with "normal" girls, you should stand a good chance of hooking up with a real hottie.

Just start a casual conversation as you would with any other girl, by mentioning something in her profile!

3) Be Bold But Classy

This is key with any woman. You've got to step up to the plate and be a man. Let her know right up front that you would like to hang-out.

The best looking women often get less attention from guys because everybody's too intimidated by them. And the guys who do email them or approach them out in real life are either too anxious and wussyish about it or they are too sex-focused or aggressive.

All these super hotties are waiting for is a guy who can step to them like a classy man.

4) Never Let Her Know You Are Intimidated

Not feeling intimidated is pretty easy over the computer, but when you meet in person you may feel those old pangs of unworthiness creeping back into the picture.

This is okay, just don't succumb to them. Push forward and act brave no matter how you feel inside. With a little practice, you'll put these "wussy" feelings behind you forever.

About the Author: Jake Vandenhoff is author of the Online Dating Playbook. Learn how to attract women from the serenity of your own living-room by employing simple psychological principles.