How to Make Women Approach You... in 5 Easy Steps

by Jake Vandenhoff

As a single guy, you're probably used to putting pressure on yourself to get out there and meet women. I mean how else are you gonna get yourself a new girlfriend or casual sex partner, right?

Problem is, if you're like most guys, then the idea of walking up to a beautiful stranger and trying to kick some game is downright SCARY!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could skip all that and get attractive women to approach YOU on a regular basis?

Well, the fact is, if you know what you're doing you can get tons of girls to approach you: out at bars, at the grocery store, in line a Starbucks, ANYWHERE. And, you don't need to look like Brad Pitt either...

Here's the formula in 5 easy steps:

1) Look the Part

Like I said, you don't need to be "good-looking" for this to work... but you do need to get your style on point.

Women approach men that they want to get with, and because they haven't talked to you yet this is based on what they observe about you, mostly through their eyes.

So get a cool haircut, stylish clothes that fit, and groom properly.

2) Master Your Body Language

Not to brag, but I have women approaching me all the time. And I credit this mainly to the body language I display.

If a woman spots you out of the corner of her eye, she's not going to see that big zit on your nose or your cool shoes, she's going to notice the way you move.

While there are a lot of things you can do to improve your body language always remember the following:

  • let your body relax
  • keep your head up
  • bring your shoulders back (but not too far
  • and roll your shoulders a little when you walk

(It's call swagger -- chicks dig it)

3) Make Eye Contact

As a guy, you already know it's far more intimidating to approach a woman if you haven't established eye contact with her beforehand. However, if she's giving you a come hither look, you'll feel like a jerk not approaching her.

It's the same for women. If you make eye contact with them and give them a smile, they'll feel more comfortable about approaching you.

Never be afraid to look girls in the eye. The more you practice it, the better you'll get at it.

Girls approach me all the time because my eye contact whipped them into a frenzy.

4) Have Fun When You Go Out

Women want to be with fun guys who have positive masculine attitudes. So, when you're out and about, try to enjoy yourself.

Don't be cranky, don't scowl, and don't mope. Instead, enjoy your life. Be present, pet dogs, smell flowers, and get interested in your surrounds.

It's particularly important to take an active role and enjoy the interactions you have with people other than your "target" females. Make jokes with the cashier, help an old lady with her suitcase, etc.

Let women see you as the captain of your own ship, bravely navigating the waters of life.

5) Use Online Dating

When you learn how to fully utilize dating sites, and have hordes of women pursuing you online, you will undergo a major shift in the way you think about women and dating.

You'll realize that you never, ever need to chase women and this will effect the "vibe" you send women as you go about your day. This lack of neediness is extremely attractive to women as it is a very rare and desirable trait for a man to have.

About the Author: Jake Vandenhoff is author of the Online Dating Playbook. Learn how to attract women from the serenity of your own living-room by employing simple psychological principles.