Lessons Learned Observing a Master

by Will Pagun

I work and live in Hollywood, Calif. Judge that for what you will. I work in the periphery of the movie industry eeking out a meager living, and have gradually lost what sex life I had, (after moving to Hollywood) to the comfort of mild obesity and desperation.

L.A. can be a hard place, as film noir has always pointed out. Harder still when you are immersed in an ocean of beautiful and elusive fish, that run when you reach out and snap at you when you turn away.

Thousands of young attractive women from all over the planet migrate here, hoping to realize showbiz dreams. Mostly ambitious, they develop strategies to pursue men that fit their fantasies. As the bubbles burst, they harden and become fiscally and vocationally opportunistic.

My desperation turned to action, as I gave up on the local scene, and pursued and seduced women online from Europe and all points USA. If I couldn't get any local action, maybe I could bring the action to this locale.

I met a beauty from Sweden, named Anna. She was passionate for film and adventure, and informed me that she would like to stay with me for the summer.

I was ecstatic! Three weeks into her stay, I'm getting that I'm not her type. (No Sex Here.) But what an elegant, leggy, blonde-tressed companion she was!

My friend Chad, unemployed actor, invites us for drinks and within 5 minutes is lip-locked with her at arm's length from my stunned expression.

I swallowed my anger, and strained to maintain a level. In a moment of clarity, I reasoned that whatever Chad had - I had to understand - and possibly use.

After she left, we would hang out in all the cool bars in L.A. and scope out attractive girls. He would consistently bowl them over, like Al Bundy in front of ten pins.

Now Chad's a conventionally good-looking fella, I guess. Slight of build, almost puny, compared to my size. He wasn't rich, but he always had money and he always dressed well.

Slowly, I noticed a pattern emerge and quizzed him on various points of action.

- He never approached a girl blind. He would be peripherally aware of all the babes and eye-lock (with a smile!) the interested ones.

- Upon invitation, he would orbit in under her gaze, and raise light and trivial conversation, interlaced with light humor. The girl almost invariably laughs.

- I also noticed that he maintained a playful and uncommitted (read: not desperate) tone as he painted images of cool adventures after hours in the big city in his starry-eyed victim.

- He always has a girl in reserve which boosts his apparent confidence. (There are emotional risks to this.)

- The turning point is an intense gazing (almost mind-control) and a daring move to kiss - surprisingly, rarely rejected.

Obviously, there is an element of the ineffable, or ungraspable to his technique, like a artisan who magically produces an amazing work without knowing how. This only comes with practice.

Although as a joe-average, I may never spin a young girl's head with my looks alone, I'm putting in changes that start to shift the odds in my favor.

- I never pursue blindly, always check out my quarry - observe how she is with others, body language.

- I have a sense of myself - and can disconnect at anytime. (You should see the looks on some game-player girl as I politely excuse myself, before she can play with my mind.)

- I dress better. Note what the guys who have girls are wearing! Optimize my look to enhance, and camouflage my 240 pounds. (Girls are hard on themselves. Why should they go easier on you?) I also wear stylish, clean shoes. (Women really look at them!)

- I let my attitude speak for me, instead of a flurry of nervous bullcrap.

- And I smile, from the heart! (Thanks Allen!)

Los Angeles is a little harsher in terms of female receptivity as far as cities go, and it is an example of a survival of the fittest in its purest form.

But in this metropolitan magnet to all attractive, attention-craving women - It is a laboratory of what works and what doesn't, with the less blessed having to really master themselves before obtaining their heart's desire.

I wish I could tack on a Hollywood ending, oh like - I've just met the most incredible girl, and we're banging ourselves silly! Truth is, Chad just had great sex with a young honey that I also was chatting up! Instead of me getting upset, I reveled in awe, honored to observe and learn from a samurai-like master executing his craft at close range.

And me with a satisfied smile, confident that my opportunity just checked me out in the mirror at the bar!