Important Lists for the New Don Juan

by Amlothi

TO DO...

1) Read the Site --

2) Get a work out routine/schedule and stick to it.

3) Get a hobby and an active social life outside of women.

4) Talk to people. Everyone. Make connections. Be warm and friendly. It's good to know people.



1) Pen and paper.

2) Gum/mints/breath freshening item.

3) A smile on your face.

4) A nice pair of shoes (you can't imagine the number of times I've been complimented on my shoes by women I meet). Stylish and casual, NO sneakers, but not shined to the hilt either.

5) Your keys. (You don't want to get back to your place with a girl, and be locked out, do you?) Speaking of your place...



1) Clean, tidy, but not sterile... it should be lived in.

2) Conversation items. An interesting coffee-table book, centerpiece, poster, etc. Also, leave sports items around (basketball, tennis racket, but NOT your smelly gym shoes) to give that active guy image of yours a boost.

3) Picture of yourself with family (on a family vacation, etc.). Active pictures (as opposed to portraits) are best.

4) Extra toothbrush still in the box.

5) Nice soft clean sheets (and towels).

6) Condoms, for use with or without the sheets.



1) Have a plan. Dates, times, locations. If possible have two options.

2) Call a good friend of yours first, just to chat. This will warm you up and get you in the mode to converse well. It will also kill any nervousness you might have.

3) Block caller id. You won't be leaving a message, so let's not let her know you called. That way you can call back later without seeming desperate. (I'll often not block the caller ID the second time I call, and switch it up each time I call her.) If she asks, I just say that sometimes my cell phone id feature doesn't go through, and it happens all the time.

4) A little chit chat. Judge her mood, but keep it short.

5) Assume the sale, but give options. Never ask "would you like to go...?" Instead, for example, ask "Hey, there's this {insert place or event} at {date/time/location}. Do you prefer Tuesday or Wednesday evening?"

6) Do not leave a message. Wait a few days to call back if she isn't there.

7) After she answers (either yes, or blowing you off) tell her you have to get going. Don't ever tell her where you are off to. If she pesters you, you can always tell her you have something "Top Secret" and you could tell her but you'd have to kill her.



1) Her body language/posture... comfortable with you or not?

2) Kino - does she touch you? How does she respond to your kino attempts?

3) Is she focused on you? When you walk her to the passenger door and let her in (like you should, you gentleman you!) does she reach across and unlock your side for you? Is she looking at you or frantically looking around to spot a friend of hers to escape to?

4) If you prefer to pay, does she offer to split it with you anyway? If you ask her to go dutch (be careful how you approach this) how does she react?

I like to say something like "Hey, I got this one. Next time I'll let you get it, ok?" Usually they'll agree to this (but watch their reaction). The real test comes on the next date if they remember that it is their turn to pay.

5) Be the man with a plan. Take control, let her relax and go along for the ride. If things don't work to plan, just go with the flow. Don't apologize, just make the best of it.