Is She Looking?

by Jim in Ohio

Yes, of course she is.

Most women do. Most of the time.

Single, going steady, married, divorced, widowed, it doesn't matter. They can't help it. Nature makes her that way.

She is looking for that man who will light up her life. Regardless of her situation, she will continually be on the lookout for the man to fantasize about, the man with whom she can fulfill those fantasies, the fantasies she would never dare tell her mother about.

Are you looking?

Yes, of course you are. Most men do. Nature also makes us that way. Survival of the species... you know the drill.

Women... men... always on the prowl... always "looking"... to mate... to be thrilled... to find excitement... happiness...

So now what?

Simple. Now that you KNOW she is looking, all you have to do is make sure she knows that YOU are looking. From now on, everywhere you go, make sure you give every attractive lady a special treat through an unspoken offer. Practice it any place and every place there are women you haven't met yet.


Once again, simple. Look at her! Look at her body, size her up instantly, but don't stare, don't ogle, don't leer. If your mind instantly tells you "Yes, she would be a good sex partner..." look directly into her eyes!

Rest assured that in that same fleeting moment, she is sizing you up, wondering if you would be a good sex partner for her. She can deal with all those other thoughts later about whether you would be a good father for her children, provider, husband, etc.

For now, she is trying to decide if you two would "click". Even if she decides you both won't immediately click just this very instant, she will be filing this moment away with you being in her list of "possibilities" for when the timing and situation is right at a later time.

You are at the moment of truth as both of you are looking directly into each others eyes. Be ready for this! Prepare and practice for this moment so you don't blow it.

It will be so fleeting. It will only last a few seconds, maybe three or four, but it will seem like an eternity. Electricity travels at 186,000 miles per second. Imagine how many sparks can fly between you when you are only a few feet away in three or four seconds?

What to do?

Here is where the preparation and practice comes into play.

Pretend to do a double take as if her attractiveness forced you to be captivated by her beauty and SMILE at her! Pretend that you were totally helpless, and that you feel just a little sheepish that she caught you looking at her.

The majority of time she will instantly smile back at you. She's looking. You're looking. You will already be communicating nonverbally through your eyes. On a much deeper level, just as nature intended, your inner beings will be communicating nonverbally.

You've heard it dozens of times, "... the eyes are the windows of your soul". Don't look away. Instead, add still more non verbal communication to the moment.

This very first and all important smile needs to be given simultaneously with other additional non verbal cues that she will instantly interpret. Allow your eyebrows to raise just the right amount to flash the thought into her subconscious mind that you find her VERY interesting. Tilt your head ever so slightly. Allow your cheeks to form just the right size "love apples".

Don't be afraid to have delicious thoughts about how great it would be to ravish her body. She'll know what you are thinking. She'll be thinking the same thing. Don't forget. All in an instant. No stare, ogle, leer, etc.

The best way to guarantee it is GENUINE is to only catch the eye of women that you instantly find very attractive. It will be genuine.

You've now done all the right things. In a fleeting instant. If you've done everything just right, it will all be so quick and so subtle, probably no one else will have even noticed, regardless where you were or how many other people were around. The best flirting is like that. Subtle, but unmistakable to your target, and unnoticed by those nearby.

Now it's her turn. If she in turn finds you interesting, she will signal an acceptance for you to move forward in your advances. How?

Her smile will broaden more as if to reward you for being such a sexy man. Her eyes will probably twinkle as her pupils dilate, and she probably will escalate the flirtation by saying "Hi!" Congratulations, you've just been given the come on!

And you've never said a word. Now it's your turn to say hi. Pause for two or three seconds afterwards and say "My name is ____, what's yours?" Take it from there.

Study the actions of everyone else as they flirt directly with others. Try to emulate the ones that put just the right amount of all the actions together into a smooth move. Practice it a dozen times a day. Everywhere. With every nice looking woman you see.

You'll have a lot of fun, and meet a lot of nice looking women.

Jim in Ohio