3 Facebook/MySpace Profile Mistakes That Scare Women Away

by Derek Lamont

Let me tell you a girl's biggest fear when talking to guys online...

They fear... the "CREEP". You know the guys I'm talking about. The one's that are just weird looking.

They look like they don't have any friends. They look like they haven't been laid in forever. The ones that just look like complete and total STALKERS.

And you wonder why online dating for them is so difficult?

Some guys just put things in their profiles that make them look like future rapists. Gross!

So here are three things that they're doing wrong...

1.) They have only a few or NO pictures at all. Imagine being a good looking girl and you receive a message from some dude that has NO picture. Are you kidding? What is that guy thinking? And sorry... one or two pictures doesn't cut it either. You really need to have a plethora of pictures that convey high value... if you don't, you're out of the picture entirely.

2.) If you use Facebook or MySpace... don't put yourself as "single". This may be counter-intuitive, but by putting yourself as single, you make the remark that you "are trying". See what I mean? Plus it eliminates the mystery. You want to make the girl wonder... "Is he single or not?"

3.) Last but not least... PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR! You think that really hot chick is going to want to reply to you if your profile is riddled with spelling errors? I'm not saying that your profile content has to be at the level of Shakespeare's, but check your writing! Use a spell checker if you have to. SHOW that you are intelligent.

So there you go, guys! Avoid these blunders at all costs.

Derek Lamont