The MySpace Pickup Line That Works Every Time

by Derek Lamont

Let me tell you about a line I used to pickup this hot, 21 year old blonde off MySpace a few nights ago...

Start off by saying... "Hey! I think we met each other the other night..."

She'll probably respond with something like... "Ummm, I don't think so. Who are you?" You know, the typical response girls give when they get e-mails like this.

For hot girls, this is the most common response you will get when sending first messages. This is to be expected. I call this their “E-Defense Mechanism.”

Hot women or horrified of meeting creeps on the ‘net, so you're going to have to re-create your image! After you get a response...

Say... "Nope, it was definitely you. You were that creepy/drunk girl who was hitting on me and my friends all night... don't deny it."

I guarantee you after that, she'll be DYING to start fixing HER image...

That's when YOU will go in for the KILL... and get her number! For this, I use a very specific, tested algorithm to get the information I want...

So I can sleep with her that night!

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Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author