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The Obama Speech Tactic That Will Get You Laid

by Derek Lamont

Love him or hate him...

GOP or Democrat...

Liberal or conservative...

You've got to hand it to him. This man can SPEAK. The words that come out of his mouth have the perfect mixture of emotion, conviction, and power... it makes people LISTEN.

It makes people MOTIVATED...

And most importantly, it makes people TRUST HIM...

Sure, he probably has a genius of a speech-writer working for him behind the scenes, but regardless, his speeches are delivered impeccably.

But no... Obama doesn't have some sort of "magic touch" that we don't. There's no secret formula that one can possess to make them an extraordinary speaker. This skill can be learned.

So why would you want to learn this?

Just imagine how EASY it would be to talk to girls if they were immediately interested in you just by the way you talked to them...

Let me tell you one technique Barack Obama employs in his speeches that makes him so captivating...


Listen to one of his speeches and you'll know what I'm referring to. Those little subtle pauses that he makes between phrases can make the WORLD of a difference. Speaking slowly conveys that you are completely unaffected by your surroundings and you're completely chill.

And... that you're COMFORTABLE! Convey that you don't get psychologically FREAKED OUT the moment you see and talk to a beautiful girl.

Try this tactic yourself!

In my program, I tell exactly what you need to do to make yourself a better speaker.

I'll show you the exact exercises you need to do to quickly become a "Barack Obama" yourself and make those women swoon for you.

And best of all... this offer is FREE.

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What are you waiting for?

Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author