Pick-Up Techniques That Women Secretly Hate

by Tammy Warner

Do you think you are suave with women?

You might not be aware, but some of the moves that you put on the opposite sex might be causing them to internally roll their eyes while they smile politely at you. Here are a few of the pick-up techniques that men use frequently but women secretly hate.

Pick-up Lines

Some lines are widely known to cause women to roll their eyes. A few examples are: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” and “Do your feet hurt? Because you've been running through my mind all day.”

Many women have heard all those heavily-recycled lines before and, for most, being approached with one seems insincere, which is usually a turn-off. Even lesser-known lines can give off the same calculated vibe, so be careful about using any of them.


This isn't a standard pick-up technique so much as it is a go-to strategy for some men to help create connections with women. Mirroring involves mimicking body language and voice patterns of another person, usually someone you don't know well, in order to build rapport quickly. This strategy has some merit, and it can work when executed very well, but it can feel artificial when done badly.

Men who attempt to win over a woman through unskilled mimicry could turn her off, at best, and perhaps even insult her. Not only that, but focusing on nonverbal actions could distract you from holding a conversation. For most men, a calm approach and friendly banter works much better than calculated mirroring movements.


While it is true that many women find men who have achieved success to be attractive, women hate encountering potential dates who boast non-stop about their achievements, especially if it's within the first few minutes of meeting them. It also can seem suspicious.

Often, those who are quick to brag tend to spout a list of success stories that seem a little implausible — sure, it's possible to be an investment banker by day, boxing champion by night, and a pilot on the weekends, but it's highly unlikely. In these cases, a woman may nod and smile, but mentally she's rolling her eyes in disbelief.

Moving From Strangers to Dates Too Quickly

Some people believe that extra-assertiveness is the way to a woman's heart. Within five minutes of conversation, they're asking for a number, or swiftly suggesting that the woman accompany them somewhere else for an impromptu date. Even if the proposed location is public, it's still a pretty forward move. Many women will be left in slack-jawed confusion about why someone they barely know is moving so quickly, and will probably be trying to plan their escape.

Don't let it get to that point. There is a big difference between taking the lead and trying to completely dominate the situation. While many women are happy in the company of a confident man, few are pleased with one who seems determined to control them within minutes of meeting for the first time. Allow the conversation to unfold naturally and don't try to rush things — it could backfire.

When you're trying to put moves on the opposite sex, avoid these pick-up techniques. A woman may grin and bear your attempt to win her over using these strategies, but internally she'll be eager to get away. A calm, confidant, natural approach is almost always better than calculated pick-up techniques that many women have seen before.

Guest post contributed by Tammy Warner, on behalf of Christiandating.org. Tammy is a freelance writer and contributes to various websites. She enjoys writing about relationship issues and spirituality.