Remove Doubt from the Minds of Women You Pursue

by The Wood

Many of the people who visit this site have been in some kind of "failed" relationship before. Maybe it wasn't even a serious relationship. Maybe you just met the girl, you thought that the two of you were perfect for each other, and then you somehow find yourself, fairly quickly, in the "Friends Zone".

You hate the Friends Zone. You hate the idea of ever being in the Friends Zone with a woman you are attracted too. You hate the idea that the Friends Zone is the one thing that, time after time, keeps you from getting laid.

But what you hate most of all is that you can't figure out how the hell you keep winding up in the Friends Zone in the first place!

It's the most annoying thing in the world! I know because it has happened to me over and over and over again. If you hate the Friends Zone, I know exactly where you're coming from.

There are no big flashing red signs that say "WARNING: You Are Getting Too Close To The Friends Zone!" You don't even know until you try to make some kind of advance and you get shut down. That's when it hits you that she has already figured you out and put you where she wants you.

I hate it. I know you hate it. Now I want to share with you why exactly it is that we keep ending up there.

I very recently stumbled upon something that showed me in only one sentence how you, and I, and everyone else, ALWAYS ends up in the Friends Zone without any kind of warning. Plainly put, it is something that we say or do, something in the way that we act during the time we are with the woman, that puts doubt in her mind about her feelings of attraction.

You may have been successful at creating attraction with her up to any point in time, but as soon as you start breaking the rules (i.e. buying her gifts, doing her favors, complimenting her looks, or being submissive in any way) you are instilling DOUBT in her mind about that attraction.

Get what I'm saying?

Let's create an example:

There is one hot babe, and two guys. Guy #1 and Guy #2 are very similar, except that Guy #1 doesn't get "needy" around girls because he knows there are always gonna be more girls in the world. So he doesn't try to hold onto chicks by doing them favors or buying them things for no reason. Our Hot Babe feels attraction to him and she knows it. Because he isn't TRYING to keep her, she thinks he must be worth holding on to.

Let's take the same scenario with Guy #2 in the playing field. Guy #2 is confident about approaching women, but for some reason he feels the need to try and hold on to them and win them over when they get distant. Our Hot Babe feels attraction for him at first, because he is just like Guy #1, but when Guy #2 starts buying her gifts, doing her favors, and giving in to her every whim, she starts to DOUBT her ATTRACTION for him!

Why does she doubt it, you ask??? Because she thinks, "If this guy is so needy to keep me, he must not attract a lot of women." Now she wonders if she even feels attraction.

Before you know it, she decides that it isn't attraction after all, it has to be something else, like guilt or something. She isn't sure, but she doesn't care. At this point she's put him in the Friends Zone and he has no idea what just happened.

My friends, what happened to Guy #2 is that he made himself APPEAR needy, whether he actually was or not.

Maybe he's really a ladies man, but our Hot Babe has some serious doubts now. If Guy #2 had simply ACTED like Guy #1 and not appeared needy, Hot Babe would have had no doubt that she better jump this guy's bones before some other hot babe gets the chance.

When you're pursuing women, don't let them ever, EVER doubt their attraction for you. They already want you. Don't give them a reason to think otherwise!

Happy Hunting,

The Wood