Back to School Seduction Tips

by Tweeder

Okay men, another year of college approaches. Now is the time to get your game face on. Time to use all of these tips you've been reading about, but haven't found the balls to use them yet.

The first couple weeks at college are the perfect time to meet girls and get their numbers. It's so easy it's pathetic really.

So how do you do it? Well that's what this article is here for:

1. Use the Classroom to Your Advantage.

First thing to know is that people are like herds of animals. Wherever they sit on the first day, that's the area they'll go to from now on.

On the first day of class when you walk into a room, what do you see? You see a room half full of people sitting 2 to 3 seats apart. Almost everybody in that room is nervous as hell, and they don't feel comfortable. Everyone's sitting there saying, "Man I wish someone would come talk to me." Most likely you do the same thing.

But not anymore. When you go into a room, kind of pause just inside the door. Act calm and cool. After all, you are a DJ. Look around the room, and find the girl you want. Try and get a little eye contact first, and then go sit right next to her.

Don't worry about getting her to smile first. These girls are nervous, and may just be intimidated by the confidence you display. This is not a bar or club. Girls are not nearly as aggressive and flirty at first.

Not two seats down, not right behind her. You sit right next to her. Then smile and say, "Hi my name's Tweeder, what's yours?"

Easy isn't it?

Watch her warm up to you right away. She'll think you've got balls of steel for doing something so easy. Every other guy in the room will watch you with envy and say, "Man why didn't I do that? He must get all the chicks."

2. Use the Classroom to Get the Digits.

So you hate asking for a phone number because you don't want to look stupid? Well here's another golden chance.

After you've been talking to her for the class period, you should have made her feel really comfortable. As you leave say, "Hey, why don't we exchange phone numbers in case I miss a day or something?"

I've never had a girl say no to this. EVER!! It is the wussy way out, but it's a good way to get used to asking. If you're a good DJ, just ask her to give you her number so you can get together for coffee sometime.

3. Say Hi to Everyone Everywhere.

So now you're outside of class. You're walking to the bookstore or whatever. What do you see?

Tons of hot chicks walking by themselves.

Man what are you waiting for? These girls want to talk to you more than you'll ever know.

"But why aren't they holding eye contact, Tweeder?" you might ask. Well you're a DJ, and you look confident. They're intimidated. They'll look once, and then away. Don't worry my friends, you're still in.

Just say hi. You'll be amazed at the positive responses you get.

4. You Didn't Think They Were Really In the Activity Center to Study Did You?

How many times did you go through a center of some sort, and see a girl at a table by herself reading? Too many to count I'd guess.

Don't let this fool you. They're waiting for you. They just need to look busy so they don't come off as pathetic.

Are some girls really studying? Of course, but not a lot of them. So how do you tell the difference? Her eyes do all the talking you need.

If a girl is wanting a guy to approach, she'll look up every couple of minutes to see who's around. If she's really studying she won't be doing this. She'll be concentrating too much.

So if you see a girl, stay in her line of sight for a minute. If she looks up, lock eyes and smile. You might catch her off guard and she'll look back down without smiling. Don't worry. Hang around. If she's interested she'll check you out again.

When she does just go to her table and ask if you can join her. Tell her you're waiting for you're next class or whatever. Then go from there. It's easy I promise.

5. The Conclusion to All This Mess.

It's simple really. Girls are everywhere, and they want to meet you.

Colleges are full of chumps that are too scared to approach a girl in the beginning. And the girls are the same way. This makes it hard for guys to meet girls. Thank God you're a DJ.

You can go get them all while the chumps watch in awe. By the end of the second week you'll have so many numbers your only problem will be which ones to get rid of.

My final point is the most important. I mention it in a lot of my posts, but that's because I want you guys to know it. These posts always say a girl will give you good buying signals when she wants you to approach. Like she'll make good eye contact and smile.

This is only in bars and club type atmospheres!

In normal places only extremely confident women will do this. The others will look away when you make eye contact. Or when you smile. Please don't get discouraged.

Remember this rule. A woman may look by mistake once, but she'll never make the mistake again.

So she may check you out once and realize you're not her type, but she won't look again unless she finds you attractive. So if you make good eye contact with a woman and she looks away, keep at it. Wait a minute and see. Odds are she'll look again. When she does you're in. You better go for it.

Is this foolproof? Of course not. Rejection is always a possibility. But your success will always outweigh the rejections. So come on guys, make these first couple of weeks count.