Becoming a Sex Master

by Robert Irwin

There are two superlative compliments you can receive from a woman: "I think you're a master chef" and "I think you're a great lay" -- the two basic drives in life. - Rod Steiger

It is sometimes amusing how much time, energy and money that some men will invest to improve in areas that, ultimately, will have little impact on their true quality of life.

Yet, they have never considered researching or practicing their sexual skills. This is unfortunate because improving our sexual skills can have a dramatic impact on our overall quality of life; sexually, emotionally and socially.

Why is this?

I have found that most men assume that their sexual skills and abilities are something that they are given, like the color of their eyes, and that they are stuck with their present level of skills and performance.

They do not consider the possibility that sexual performance is something that can be as easily improved as your golf handicap.

Becoming sexually proficient is not a magical or mystical process.

Although very few men could truly be classified as great lovers, this is not because it is a particularly difficult task.

In fact, I would argue that it is much easier to become sexually proficient than to become an above average golfer.

Becoming sexually proficient will take only three things:

  1. An understanding of some basic skills, exercises and techniques.
  2. Proper motivation.
  3. The right attitude.

Following are some of the attitudes that many Sex Masters find helpful.

If you are willing to change your outlook on your sexuality to include some of these attitudes, you should find that you can easily become sexually proficient:

Sex Is a Game, Not a Sport

I believe that the number one sexual problem of most men is that they do not enjoy sex!

Too many men feel as if sex is just another area of their lives in which they are expected to perform. Instead of enjoying sex, as it was intended, they start to worry about whether they are "succeeding." If this is your attitude... stop it!

Sexual Mastery Is Possible

Although it may seem simplistic, you need to believe that you have the ability to be in control of your sexual performance. If you have struggled sexually, it is probably difficult for you to do this. But you should know that this struggle is most likely the result of your lack of knowledge of a few tricks/techniques/exercises, not some deficit in your manhood! Many men struggle, or have struggled, before they learned the secrets of the Sex Masters.

Masters Understand the "Tao of Sex"

One of the main things that I hope you discover as a Sex Master is that your entire body, not just your penis, is a sexual organ. Every square inch on your body can be sensual and erotic and can give you pleasure. From your scalp to the bottom of your feet, you can experience wonderful sexual sensations.

Sex Masters Are Particularly Aware of the Similarities Between Male and Female Sexuality

Although male and female sexual genitalia are quite different, they are also surprisingly similar. At some point during the development of the fetus, either male or female sex organs are created...but they are created with exactly the same tissue and have many parallel parts. Sex Masters utilize this fact in better understanding the sexual responses of their woman. If our sex organs are similar, then many of the feelings and sensations that we enjoy our woman must enjoy as well. Similarly, if our woman finds pleasure in certain things...maybe we might too.

Success in Life Through Sexual Mastery

Some might feel that dedicating so much time and energy to developing your sexual enjoyment and competence might be a negative thing.

After all, isn't there so much more to life than just sex?


In fact, many cultures, throughout the centuries, have held to the belief that we are essentially sexual creatures.

Eastern culture/ philosophy teaches that we are mostly manifestations of sexual energy. Ying and Yang are the two sides or "sexes" of this energy, but it is basically sex.

All of life, in one way or another, seems to lead us to sex in some way or other.

For all of these reasons, becoming a Sex Master is incredibly important.

When you have the ability to draw confidence, energy and power from the proper, successful expression of your sexuality...

Why should you go through life being bad at something so critical to your ultimate satisfaction and happiness?