The Amazing "Hook and Shut-up" Seduction Technique

by Derek Vitalio

There's an amazing little trick I use ALL the time. And what's so great about it is that it will literally compel a woman to talk with you no matter how hot she is or how uninterested she may be initially.

Human beings are fundamentally curious animals. We are biologically wired to want to know. Ever get lured into one of those cheesy crime investigation shows on TV to find out who done it and how... only to curse yourself 60 minutes later that you wish you had done something more useful with your time?

Or ever notice how much more exciting it is to open a gift wrapped present and seeing what's inside rather than just having something plainly handed to you?

Curiosity is a "click whirr", knee-jerk response that all human beings reliably and consistently respond to. And you can use curiosity to literally force women to respond enthusiastically to your advances with "click whirr" reliability.

To illustrate, when you first approach a woman you might say to her, "Excuse me... I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but I noticed something really interesting about you." This is called the "Hook".

I can guarantee that 99 out of 100 women will stop dead in their tracks and ask what it is that you noticed. You have used her own curiosity to literally force her to stop and respond with curiosity... you have hooked her like a fish to your line and she won't be able let go!

The second thing you must do, and which so many men get wrong, is that after you throw her the Hook, you must SHUT UP. Yes, shut up! Throw the hook and shut up and WAIT for her to respond. For example,

"Excuse me... I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but I noticed something really interesting about you." SHUT UP AND WAIT for her response.

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but a lot of guys tend to throw their hook and immediately give the answer without giving their worm time to wiggle and squirm. For example, they'll ruin the power of the hook and say instead, "I noticed something really interesting about you... it's those boots you're wearing... I use to have a girlfriend who wore those same boots!"

In this example, the hook is there but the girl never had the chance to get her curiosity going!

Here are some more examples of the Hook and Shut-up Technique.

Her: "So what do you do?"

You: "You'll never believe it if I told you." This gets her curiosity flaming! Now SHUT UP, dead silence!!

Her: "WHAT?"

You: "Well, can you guess? ;)" Now you're really digging it in like a knife!

Her: "So what do you do?"

You: "I practice hypnotism." Shut up, and wait for her to respond. She'll literally be sucked in against her will.

Another variation of the Hook and Shut-up Technique is to cast your hook and then begin talking about something entirely else. This way, as you talk to her, she'll have that curiosity gnawing at the back of her mind and she won't leave you until it's been scratched! Here's an example.

Her: "So what do you do?"

You: "Oh, what I do is really interesting... which reminds me of what you said earlier about liking exciting, adventuresome people and what happened to me when I was climbing Mt Fuji in Japan last year..."

You can even TWIST a hook deeper and deeper in order to touch her... except that SHE asked for it out of curiosity and you're just showing her what SHE asked for.

For example, grab her hand without asking and say to her, "Hmmm... that's really interesting." That's the first hook. Be sure to shut-up and let her respond.

Her: "What is it?"

You: "The lines in your hands... (laugh) man, I don't believe this." You're twisting that hook even deeper!

Her: "What??"

You: "Well I can tell a lot of interesting things about you by looking at your palm... and I'm not sure if I should tell you this." Twist that hook even deeper!

Her: "You read palms? What do they say?"

Proceed to trace the lines in her palms with your finger, telling her that the lines show you that deep down she's a very sexual person... that she has a side she keeps hidden from everyone else... and that it's your and her little secret. Obviously, you don't need to know how to read her palm to pull this off, just make up whatever you want!

To become a truly good in leading women into conversations with you where THEY are eager to participate, write down 15 new hooks each day for 10 days straight. Eventually you'll come to the point where you're naturally and automatically generating powerful hooks in conversations with beautiful women.

By Derek Vitalio
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