It's Your Inner Self that Attracts Women

by Derek Vitalio

Would you want just any woman?

Of course not! You want a woman who is going to meet your criteria on beauty, personality, and the coolness factor.

Guess what - women feel the same way.

Choice is good, whether you are scanning a box of Valentine chocolates or deciding which girl you are going to be taking out on a Friday night, you want to have some options.

What if I told you that, there was a way to virtually GUARANTEE that every box of chocolates you bought in the future only carried your favorites?

Crazy idea? Maybe.

You have about three different scenarios when it comes to the playing field.

ONE: You can't get laid to save your life.

TWO: Sometimes you score, but it's hit or miss and not with quality girls.

THREE: You have a wide variety of women who fit in every category you can imagine to choose from, and you are so far ahead of your "competition" that the women come looking for YOU.

Now, HOW do you get to option THREE in real life?

Now, hold on. We're not talking about having the better car, more money, or Schwarzenegger-biceps (PREDATOR Schwarzenegger, not Governor Schwarzenegger.)

Those things can help, no doubt. But they are not NEEDED in order to get the kind of women you want.

Work on Your Inner Self

Work on your inner self.

Your inner self is your mental state that builds character, gives you control over your fear, and increases your internal power.

Who you are has a direct impact on the woman you attract...

...the way you think about yourself, the way you carry yourself... good a day you are having.

All these factors affect the way you approach a girl, the way you behave on a date and the impression you give.

Think about it another way: what attracts you to a woman?

Her looks, for sure. But what else?

You've heard of "Animal Magnetism" right?

This is the kind of woman who has your heart racing and your mind reeling with a few words, a touch, a look. She has animal magnetism; she has that inner self that just OOZES desirability.

Wouldn't you want to have the same effect on women?

If you want to meet quality women, the kind of women who fit your expectations, then you need work on your inner self.

Would you expect to be drafted for a professional basketball team if you couldn't hit a three-pointer?

Do you think a stock-car team will let you race their baby if you pop the clutch?

Would you score a role as the next action hero if you couldn't act?

Would Donald Trump invest a million dollars in your business idea if you've never run a business before? (The Apprentice doesn't count.)

Starting to get the idea? Pretty stupid to expect those kinds of things happening if you are neither qualified nor have put in the effort to deserve them.

About as stupid as approaching women without living up to your own potential, and then being surprised when that quality gal shuts you out.

If you've mastered those techniques that allow you to get past the first couple of seconds with a beautiful stranger and end up with her wanting YOU, I have a question for you; how's your INNER self?

If your underlying core being is nervous and unsure, then all your techniques are going to fall flat.

When you are OUT there, in a bar or at a bar-b-q, and you are face to face with the prospect of approaching a gorgeous woman that every other guy in the area has crashed and burned with, your arsenal of techniques will be much more effective if you are at the top of your inner self.

Let me give you an example.

I'm sure this will be a familiar story: You see a woman you'd like to approach having a few drinks with friends. At the very thought of walking up to her, you break out in a sweat. Your heart RACES and you start feeling like a FAILURE.

You see, the human brain is designed to protect its owner. When you crashed before (and let's face it, EVERYONE has crashed before), it hurt; your brain remembers this. When it suddenly realizes what you are up to ("Oh, CRAP! I can't let him do that again!") it tries to stop you in order to keep you from feeling the same kind of pain.

So it floods you with a dose of the pain from the past memory:

Brain: "Bad! Hot! Don't Go There!"

The good news is you can turn that right around.

With tools like the negativity annihilator exercise, you will hamstring that bad memory. In fact, you will be able to turn that bad memory into a GOOD memory! How's THAT for weird science?

Here is how it works, in general. You see, your brain can't tell the difference between a REAL memory and a FALSE memory. What you need to do is set yourself up in a nice, quiet, peaceful place and relax.

While you are relaxed, you summon the bad memory with as much detail as you can. Relive it. Go on; better to feel the pain and humiliation in the privacy of your own place than right when you are about to get a girl's number.

Alright, got it? Now, you are going to change this memory into a good one. Start it over, but as you approach the place where things started to go wrong, switch them up.

Change your behavior; you are smoother, and calmer. Change her behavior; she is more receptive, she laughs at your jokes, she touches you while you talk.

Notice how the new version makes you feel. Hey, you can talk to this girl with no problem, and she'll talk back. Why? Because you ALREADY DID IT in your head.

Brain: "WOW! This guy is smooth!"

Keep replaying the good version in your head until it completely tapes over the old one.

Then, next time you approach a girl in the field, your brain won't freak out on you - at least not as much.

Brain: "Oh, hey, this stuff is easy. We've talked to girls like this all the time. No big deal."

When you are relaxed, your mind is calm, and in turn it regulates your breathing, your internal temperature, and your nerves. All this regulating in turn is sending signals back to your brain: "situation normal."

Now when you approach this woman, you are ready. You know what you want to say, and you know what you want to get.

Which state of mind is going to help you get there: freaked out that you might screw it up, or casually confident and playful?

Killing negativity is just one example of inner self techniques that you can use.

The point is, when you build up the man you are on the inside, you are going to able to perform a thousand times better.

If you are a better man, you will see an increase in the number of women who are attracted to you. The quality of the women will skyrocket as well - they are all going to want a piece of YOU.

With the right seduction techniques, you can score big, absolutely. But if you have not built up yourself as a man, your techniques are only going to get you so far, and only so often.

Working on your inner self is like making sure your engine is greased and clean and tuned, your tank is full, you have the right amount of air in your tires and your warranty is up to date. With The Seduction Science System, 2nd Edition, you are now you are ready to take your car out, have it perform, and have fun with it.


Derek Vitalio
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