What to Say and When to Say It

by Derek Vitalio

Here's a little mind puzzle for you.

If you're looking into a girl's eyes and she says to you, "What do you see," what do you say?

There are many ways to answer her.

But the "right" answer all depends on what stage you are in the seduction with her.

The "right" answer should move the seduction forward to the next step.

For example, when a girl asks you, "What do you see," do you still need to build more attraction with the girl?

Or do you already have enough attraction and you want to simply build more comfort with her?

Or do you have enough attraction and comfort and are ready to go in for kissing?

If you are still building attraction and social value with the girl, you'll want to come off as playful and teasing.

Here's an example of a playful teasing response, courtesy of Just Flossin' from the VIP Lounge:

Girl: What do you see?

You: Oh nothing, just looking at my handsome reflection.

This kind of humor with a little tongue-in-cheek arrogance demonstrates to the girl that you're not just going say anything to kiss her ass and aren't needy for her.

You could also just say something absolutely random, almost ignoring the content of what she's saying. Courtesy of Dansjall, from the Lounge:

Girl: What do you see?

You: Chocolate cake.

Speaking jibberish to a somewhat jibberish question also conveys alpha qualities.

Alternately, you could do a NONVERBAL response where you simply smile, then make funny faces and stick out your tongue at her.

You could also lay a curiosity hook to keep her interested in the interaction, courtesy of Nitin:

Girl: What do you see?

You: I thought you'd never ask... just one word.

Then shut-up and WAIT.

This will get her curiosity going and you can launch into other topics of conversations. She won't go anywhere though because you have her reeled in with the curiosity hook.

If she asks you again for the answer...

Girl: Please tell me... what is it that you see?

You: I'm not gonna tell you...


You: What, you don't know, that's too bad haha. ;)

If you already have social value and attraction built with the girl, something like "What do you see," is more likely an open invitation to a kiss. Courtesy of Lounge member Thuwacker:

Girl: What do you see?

You: When I look into your eyes I... feel this warmth... running all throughout my entire body. It's like I get lost in the moment... time stops... everything around me is meaningless... it's like your brain is hijacking mine... and I don't want to look away... I could look into your eyes... and just stay in this moment... forever.

Then kiss her.

Or you can simply tell her to close her eyes and then kiss her.

Let's say the girl ALREADY has a sexual relationship with you. In this case, you could use her question as an opportunity to build sexual intimacy with her in the bedroom by connecting your eye contact with her directly to sex. Courtesy of a regular contributor:

Girl: What do you see?

You: When I look into your eyes, I see myself... and you... at the same time... and it makes me... feel like... hmmm... I'll tell you later.

Then, next time you're having sex with her, look into her eyes and ask her if she understands how you feel when you look into her eyes.

As you can see, the same question by a girl can have a wide variety of responses, depending on where you are in your relationship with her.

"What do you see," can be your opportunity to build social value and attraction through playful teasing, can be your opportunity to hook her with curiosity through the conversation, can be your opportunity to begin kissing her, or can be your opportunity to heighten the lovemaking experience.

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Derek Vitalio
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