How to Get Phone Numbers from Strippers

by Anonymous Don Juan

One thing that I believe that the majority of heterosexual men have in common is that we like strippers.

Now say what you want about how they may not necessarily have the morals or personality you want in a girlfriend, but I don't think many out there will deny how damn sexy they can be when they dance for you. In fact, I believe that deep down one of the driving reasons men attend strip clubs is for that one chance in hell that you may leave there with a phone number.

Now I'm not the most suave of the Don Juaners out there, but I seem to have a skill for attaining this most coveted phone number. In fact, I think this is easier than asking the average woman for her number, because you are her customer and it is her JOB to be very friendly and flirtatious with you.

They are always coming to you to find if you would like to dance, and even if they are just wondering about your pocketbook, they have still made the first move, which makes the whole thing that much easier.

Now if you are happy with your wife or your out-of-town girlfriend and all you really want is a dance, then forget the following and just accept or decline her offer. But if she's cute and you want to talk to her later, the worst thing you can do is say "yes" when she asks you if you want a dance. If you do this, then she will get naked, take your money, and move on with maybe 30 seconds of conversation to pass the time as the previous song ends.

Instead of saying yes, say "Probably in a little bit," or something along those lines. By this you indicate that you would like a dance (which can be interpreted that you like the way she looks, which is complimentary). If you simply say "No," then she'll again move on and leave you alone. But if she thinks that she has a chance at making some money, even if not in the next 5 minutes, then she'll be nicer to you.

Either way, if you don't say yes she'll probably begin to move away so you have to keep her talking (remember, it's her job to flirt back). Ask her what her name is if she hasn't said it already, and introduce her to your friends (if you attend strip clubs alone something is wrong). By doing this you show you aren't her typical asshole customer here to look at boobies and are willing to hang out and relax.

If you ignore your buddies completely at first, you don't seem like that great of a guy. But after introductions feel free to ignore them. If you pay more attention to the homies she won't feel special and will move on to where the cash is greener. You see your buddies every Friday, so try to make the girl feel special.

Ask her if she goes to school because most strippers are young females trying to work towards some future goal. Not too many strippers want to hold that job forever.

By now you have some initial small talk going and you should be able to carry on a conversation seeing as how she made the move. And again, it is her JOB to flirt back. But don't keep her talking for too long. After about 5 minutes is when you want to pull off the most important part.

When conversation is still going well, say something like, "I'm sorry to keep you so long. I know you have to work, but swing by later just to chat a little more."

This will surprise her because you have already shown your interest and are now willing to let her go (again it's that ambiguous behavior approach). This will stand out the most to her because now you seem like a genuine decent guy who didn't come here to watch her breasts bounce but to actually just talk to her and get to know her. 90% of the time this will impress the hell out of her. It also shows that you understand her situation and realize that she isn't some cheap slut but rather a hard-working woman.

If she bugs you about buying a dance, then I'm sorry but you probably didn't succeed. If she is always coming back to this then she doesn't want to talk to you. She will continue to flirt but she is still looking for some cash rather than conversation. But this is the rarer of the possibilities. Most likely if you have pulled off everything I have just told you, she will smile a genuine smile, and agree to come back. Congrads, you are almost home.

If a stripper says she'll come back, she will come back. Again, you are still her customer and if she didn't come back it would be like a waitress refusing to bring you water. She'll go make some money to pay her bills, maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for an hour, but she will be back.

While she's gone, do whatever it is you do at clubs. Order drinks, talk with your buddies, buy dances, whatever. But have all that done before she comes back so when she does you will be ready to go.

When she finally does return continue the small talk. It will be easier this time because by now you know her name. (Another smooth move is to ask if the name she gave you was the real name or her stage name. It was probably her stage name but by asking again you show genuine interest and she will smile and tell you her real name.)

This time though, don't talk for much more than 90 seconds or she'll again start nagging for a dance. Simply entertain her for a minute then tell her, "Sorry, but my friends and I were just about to head out, but I would like to talk to you sometime outside of your club. Do you think that I could possibly get your number?"

By making a point that you want to talk to her OUTSIDE of the club you confirm one more time that you aren't just interested in seeing her naked.

When I was 18 I made this mistake. I did everything correctly and despite still being in high school I managed to get her number. Only problem, rather than setting up dates, when I wanted to see her I went back to the club. This wasted my money and time and instead of appearing to be a great guy she may well have thought that I was a creep or a stalker.

If you like her, resist the urge to go back to the club regularly just to see her. But say that you would like to talk to her again outside of the club. Then she will really begin to realize that she has found a great guy and you pretty much have a 50% chance of getting her number.

I promise that she likes you by now, but she IS a stripper and it isn't always safe to hand out her number so she may instead ask for yours. If she asks for yours directly, give it to her and expect a call. She probably gets 20 or more numbers a night but if she asks directly for YOURS then your odds improve.

Write your name, your number, and something to remember you by. If you talked about how much you two both hate the San Francisco Giants, write "Greg, 555-2351, go San Fran!" This is your chance to be creative because if you're digits don't stand out from the other 19 at the end of the night, she won't call.

If she simply declines her number and doesn't ask for yours, you can still offer it but she ain't calling. But if you have done everything right there is a damn good chance she'll give you her number.

Congrads man, whatever you do now is up to you. But you have just managed to score some of the most coveted digits in the game today.