The Tantric Sex Conversation for Seduction

by Evan Kline

One of my favorite things to say to a woman in conversation to seduce her is when she asks me "What do you do in your spare time?", I tell her "I don't know if I can tell you this... but I think you're the type of woman who is open to new kinds of things and can understand... but what I've become pretty good at is Tantric practices of lovemaking for having an incredible intimate relationship."

That will get her VERY curious about you!

Even if you don't use this line as bait, Tantric sex is something every seducer should be familiar with.

Now, you might say, "Sounds great Evan but I know NOTHING about Tantra!"

Fortunately, you don't need to become a yogi meditating alone on a mountain for ten years to give your woman the intimate experience of Tantric sex.

Tantra is a collection of ancient rituals for achieving deeper sexual connection with your woman. For the most part, it involves erotic kissing, sustained eye contact, and synchronized breathing. Tantric practice also encourages you to move slowly and not consider the act of orgasm the end goal.

Many men make love to women to gratify their ego or for sexual release and complete the act as quickly as possible. Even genuine, considerate lovers get wrapped up in the goal of giving her an orgasm - putting hurried pressure on her to perform.

Tantra instead focuses on enhancing your awareness of pleasure IN THE MOMENT.

The following exercise encompasses many of the principles of Tantra. It may sound simple, but I've known women to even cry because of its intensity and close intimacy. You may have trouble with it at first yourself... but I guarantee it will make her feel sooo close to you which women love!

Explain to her that you want to try something new with her - a Tantric technique you read in a book because you "love to feel close with her".

Lie together on the bed, touching each other but with enough room apart to look into each other's eyes. Match her breathing until you're both breathing together synchronized. Let go of any distracting thoughts and focus only on her. Let the rest of the world met away. If you have trouble synchronizing your breathing with hers, stop trying, relax, and let go and it will come naturally.

Also, stare deeply into her eyes. Keeping eye contact is one of the best ways to create intense intimacy. Imagine you can read everything about her by reading her eyes.

Make love to her as you normally would but keeping your breathing synchronized and maintain eye contact. When you get close to orgasm, stop moving. Hold still for several minutes. Concentrate on the sensations you experience in the moment of being inside of her. Use the stillness to notice how it feels to have your skin touching hers. Notice what her breathing is like. Reflect upon the intimate union with your partner.

By practicing sexual activity without the goal of orgasm, you may notice other sexual pleasures and intimacy that you filtered out before. It is kind of like starting a meditation session while you're inside a woman just before you are about to orgasm!

You don't need to do this Tantric technique all the time. Contrast it the next day with crazy, hot sex. Contrasting it with wild sex the next day makes it all the more powerful.

Evan Kline
Become a Seducer and Legend In Bed