3 Things Every Average Looking Guy Must Have If He Wants to Seduce and Date Stunning Looking Women

by Richard Fletcher

Have you ever found yourself in a bar or club, taking a quite moment to reflect upon why that average looking guy who just walked through the door has a stunning looking woman on his arm?

Does that in any way….get on your nerves, annoy or even anger you?

What is it about that guy...he's not rich and he's no Brad Pitt, so how come he has this gorgeous woman all over him?

Listen up, cause I'm gonna tell you. This guy has three distinct characteristics that magnetically attract women….gorgeous women…like a moth to a flame.

So let's break these characteristics down into these three pieces and examine them.

The first thing about this guy, let's call him Bob, is that he is,


Everybody likes Bob! People want and like to be around him.

Being important also entitles him to three bonuses and these bonuses are,

* Admiration - people admire Bob, they look up to him for advice, his opinion on things and so on.

* Courtesy - people are always nice to him, like to please him, do things for him and make him happy.

* Trust - people will automatically trust a guy that is deemed admirable.

The second magnetic characteristic about Bob is that he is,


Again, because he is funny, people want to be around him. He makes people laugh -- everybody loves to laugh.

"Laughter is like chicken soup for the soul."

He knows that by making others laugh, he can break down people's defensive barriers making anybody around him completely warm to him and his personality.

People also want him around, they know that when he's present, he fulfils one of the most important needs that any human being has.... the need to be and feel happy!

The third and final thing about Bob is that he is,


Every day is different. He knows how to enjoy himself. Again, people are drawn to him (see how this keeps popping up), they want to be around him.

He does different stuff. Whatever it may be you can be sure that it's not all 9 - 5, blue shirt, straight laced and tight underpants for this guy.

In fact, I bet he doesn't even need to do much sweet talking at all if he wants to get a woman into bed let alone a first date….why?....because most women would fight tooth and nail to be with this guy.

But why?

Well, he's exciting.

Let me ask you, why do most relationships fail….. Because couples get bored with each other, sick of doing the same things day in day out.

Bob's different; every day's a different day… remember.

He's funny. Women love to laugh, it makes them feel happy and next to health, what's the most important thing in life?.....HAPPINESS!

And now for the biggest secret of all. You see women love popular guys for two reasons.

The first we all know, it's that whole dominant male thing, it really turns them on.

The second is a secret that nobody knows and I'm gonna tell you right now. Are you ready?......You see, when a woman dates this guy, she also becomes popular -- she's the girl who's dating the guy that everybody loves.

And guess what? Because of her position, she is now also entitled to the three bonuses. She is popular, people like her, do things for her, make her feel special, loved, admire her.

Bob's girlfriend now has all her emotional needs taken care of.

You see, Bob's got the whole package. He doesn't need a fancy car, a big house, a swollen bank account, good looks or any of that stuff.

He's appealed to every woman's emotions. If you want to seduce gorgeous women, develop these three characteristics and I bet you women will be chasing you and then the tides will be turned.

To answer your question….that is why Bob, the average looking guy has got a stunning woman clinging to him.


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