The Triple Approach

by Kode Red

I've been reading these emails for almost a year now, so it's time for me to pay my dues to the web site. While I have gained some new tips, most of these things I already know. So this goes out to those who want to take it to the next level.

This technique works only for the real "Don Juan's"! You have to have the personality, confidence, style, and finesse, to pull this off. If you think you have what it takes, give it a shot!

This works only in social situations like bars, pubs, clubs, etc. I call it "The Triple Approach."

Part I. The way this works is very simple. When you see an attractive lady or group of ladies, strike up a conversation with them. If you don't know how to strike up a conversation, then you're not ready for this yet.

Once you begin to converse, make it short and very basic. (Why did you decide to come here? Who are you here with? Is anything happening after this?) Once done, tell her/them it was nice meeting them and walk away.

Immediately, they will begin to talk about you saying, "How nice you were, how you had a pleasant personality, and that you are not like the rest of the guys in here who just approach women to try and get their numbers."

You do this to as many women as you like. Work the room/bar/club, have fun, socialize be the center of attention, all eyes on you! If you don't feel attractive enough, DRINK MORE!

Part II. Now you assess the females that you've interacted with. And make your first cuts. Those that don't meet your draft, cut them!

Time for the second round!

Make your way around the place a second time. Now this time get more personal with the female(s). Ask about occupation, marriage, kids, school, whatever you like... then once more... walk away.

What you are doing is creating a relationship with these ladies. Giving you an automatic advantage against all other guys.

Reassess the latest draft picks and make cuts if necessary.

Part III. Time for the closure.

Make the rounds. Let them know that you really enjoyed meeting them and that you had a great time. Tell them that you and your friends are about to leave. Ask, "What's the best way for me to get in contact with you?"

By now, you should know who you have and who you don't, if they are married with 3 kids or single living in a 2 bedroom with a roommate! More than likely, they will give you their cell phone number/house number.

CAUTION: If given a work phone number or email address, that means they haven't completely accepted you yet. You can choose to follow through or tell them like I do. "Well on second thought, I'm really not in the mood to meet anyone new right now. I'm sorry, but it was really nice meeting you though!" Shake their hand and walk off.

If done correctly you can have as many numbers as you like.

Remember, if you are going to be a player, you win some, you lose some... but the one who wins the championship game in the end, fights to the end and never gives up!