When a Woman Starts to Pull Away

by BackInTheGame78

So I just successfully navigated a situation with a woman I have been seeing for a month...

Which I didn't really see as a situation per se — rather it's a chance to standout from most guys she has dated prior.

And that is when she pulls back at some point.

I used to think this was due to low interest or losing interest, but I don't believe that anymore.

I think there are times when that is true, sure. But in the scenario I am in it simply wasn't, she just had some issues with her oldest daughter and her ex going on and it was bothering her a lot.

What happened?

Her texts became shorter, replies longer spaced, and less enthusiastic.

What do most guys do in this situation?

They panic, they ask what's wrong, they apologize for something they think made her act that way, they increase the frequency of their texts.

And this pushes them further away.

It also shows them you are very immature and unable to deal with things on an adult level which is a huge turnoff.

The easiest thing to do is the right thing to do.


In all cases she texted me within 7 or 8 hours and today she apologized to me for the way she was acting, thanked me for giving her space, made sure to let me know it had nothing to do with me and that she is working really hard to keep me around. She also made sure to let me know she will be baking something special for the next time she sees me.

Even if a woman is losing interest there is no way to fix it by making the same mistakes noted above. It will just ensure she realizes she is making the proper decision.

Sometimes it can even be a test to see what you will do if she pulls back to try and weed out the confident guys who don't care from the fake confident guys who freak out. Again the way you pass the test is by doing nothing and simply waiting.

Remaining a calming influence during an emotional storm is a very sexy trait to a woman and one that is hard to find in a lot of men.

And even if you don't feel confident or are freaking out, it still is easy to pass the test by simply doing nothing, waiting for her to reply and then act accordingly.

Treat a woman like a cat...

Cats come and go as they please. If you try and make a cat do something, good luck. The cat will do it when it wants to. And sometimes when you ignore them it piques their interest as to why.

SoSuave Note: Remember: SPACE IS GOOD.

If you give a woman plenty of space, she will attempt to close the gap.

But if you crowd her, she will always back away.