Where to Take Women on Dates

by Nick Shane

When you get a number from a really attractive woman and want to organize a date with her, you need to be smart. If you want to GET her, then you can't just take her out for a drink, a movie or a nice candle-light dinner. Why? Because it doesn't make her feel that gut level emotion called attraction towards you.

You can't just do what every other guy has done before you. If you do, then you will get what all the other guys she has dated got too: a kiss on the cheek and a new female friend.

And we don't want that to happen at all costs!

So, in order to be successful when it comes to the initial date, you need to do something unlike most men. Don't spend any money on her... that just shows her that you want to BUY her affection. A very bad idea! It never works.

You see, most guys assume they need to take a woman on an expensive and lavish date for her to like them, with candles and moonlight and everything she has seen in the movies. But women don't get that attraction feeling in their stomach when you do what everybody else does.

That's why she is going on a date with you... to see if you are different! So give her what she wants.

So where do you take her?

Go to the park, tag her and say "you're it" and let her chase you. Go windows shopping and let her decide what would look good on you. Say "Do you think that bikini over there would suit me? Nah ... I think I'm just a little but too sexy for that don't you think so?" *evil grin*.

Try stealing something from her like cigarettes, make-up ... anything and make her fight for them back. If you are playful about the whole thing and just have fun, she will get attracted to you just like that.

Oh, and then, there is tickling. This NEVER fails to attract a girl even more towards you. Don't ask me why but it NEVER fails, as long as you have built up some attraction already.

What about the confidence? Well, you can show her you are confident just by teasing her and jokingly ordering her around. You can show that you make decisions and you aren't afraid of what she thinks of you.

Then there's the surprise element. Instead of saying "Would you like to go to the park? I know, it doesn't sound too good but it can be" try saying "Let's go to the park, I'll even get you some sweets so you don't have to steal them".

Now I know many of you guys will like the sound of taking a girl to a park because it's cheap and that's true. You don't have to spend a single dime. Does it work? You bet ... where do you think I take all my dates? It's always shopping, then a cup of coffee or the park.

Forget the candle-light dinner, the cinema and your regular bar for the first date. Stick to what works and what is best for creating attraction: The city, coffee shops, and the park.

It never fails.