Why Your Dog May Be the Best Wingman You Could Ever Have

by Katlyn Eriksen

dog wingman meeting women

We've all heard the old adage that dogs are man's best friend, but your pet pooch can also serve as a pretty decent wingman.

According to a survey conducted by Dognition, 82% of dog owners feel more confident approaching a person they're attracted to if they have their dog with them. Research has also found that the chances of a woman giving you her number increase significantly if you have your dog with you.

It's no wonder that the dog park has become a popular place to meet a potential flame!

Why Does Having a Dog Make Dating So Much Easier?

Having a dog doesn't just benefit your love life IRL, or in the real world. Even when online dating, having a furry friend in your profile picture can make a world of a difference.

A dog in your photo shows that you're responsible and capable of taking care of another living being. It can also send signals that you're friendly and fun-loving.

One study found that people photographed with dogs appear happier and more relaxed than when photographed alone, making it more likely for potential matches to swipe right on dating apps.

The same study found that people photographed outdoors also appear more attractive, so it makes perfect sense that using a photo of yourself outside with your dog will get the best results.

That's one more reason to bring your pet along on your travels!

Which Dog Breeds Are the Most Attractive?

Not all dog breeds attract the opposite sex as effectively as others.

One survey conducted by the mobile pet app Klooff found that German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Siberian Huskies, and French Bulldogs were more likely to attract women. Retrievers imply that the owner is a “great dad”, while a Siberian Husky sends signals that a guy is "manly."

However, certain breeds may make landing a date more of a challenge.

Unless you're just looking for something casual, going "too macho" may hurt your prospects. Men who own Boxers, Bulldogs, or Rottweilers are more likely to be seen as one-night-stands, and not serious prospects.

Remember: Treat Your Pooch Like a Pal, Not a Prop

Of course, if you own an "unattractive" dog breed, that doesn't mean that your chances of landing a date with your dog are horrible. What makes a dog owner attractive isn't just the kind of dog he owns, but how he treats his pet.

You could have the sweetest looking Golden Retriever and totally blow it by treating your pet roughly. You could own an intimidating Pit Bull but win over someone's affections by showing how much you care for your pet.

Women can tell whether you genuinely care about your dog or if you're just using your pet to get a date.

You don't also want to be caught "puppy-baiting," or using someone else's dog to get attention.

While your pet may be able to help you get a girl's number, only your natural charm and authentic personality will keep her hooked.