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Great Movies About Women, Dating, and Relationships

I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for Great Movies that they have seen which they thought taught them a lot about women, dating, and relationships. This is what they had to say.

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I think When a Man Loves a Woman is indeed a very very sensitive movie. So subtle in theme and eloquent in portrayal that it made me cry toward the end. Meg Ryan was fantastic in that movie against (I think) Hugh grant.

Then there is an Indian movie (with English subtitles) called Utsav, (this is actually based an ancient Sanskrit play) very nice in its portrayal of love and romance in ancient society.

Jerry Maguire

Basically, in the movie Cuba Gooding and his wife had a great marriage. Tom Cruise learned from this and was able to make his marriage work too. It stresses how mutual support in an intimate relationship is essential.

Instead of recommending a particular movie, I suggest watching any movie that contains a protagonist that you look up to. He doesn't have to get a ton of chicks, or have a lot of money, as long as he has certain attributes that you can look up to. Once you have found this movie (and there are many out there), simply watch it before going out to a bar (or wherever you go to meet women). With the movie fresh in your mind, you may take on a few characteristics of the protagonist, which will make you more confident, which we all know is the main attribute that women look for when first meeting a guy.

Great movie for learning about relationships, perhaps the most informative I've ever seen was definitely Singles. Check it out. It shows you how the bullshit you develop and the games you try to play are what ruins a relationship rather than secure it. It shows what we really value, and how we hide it, and why.

Among some of the greatest movies, as I'm sure every modern man knows, has to be Swingers.

When you're down in the ditch, watch this flick and realize that every man goes through what you are and that there's hope for even the worst.

A great movie that is as educational about women as it is fun to watch is Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Eddie plays the roll of a big time player who manages to get practically every girl he wants. He never finds love until he meets this beautiful woman that is also his co-worker. But what comes around goes around and Eddie finds himself on the receiving end of the games he used to play. But just like every man should get a good ass-whooping in his lifetime, he should also feel the pain of heartache to determine what's really important to him. I'll leave it at that. Whether you're a player or a dedicated man, Boomerang succeeds in showing how manipulative (as well as foolish) we men can be as we pursue all those beautiful women out there. I give it the thumbs up and certainly recommend it to my fellow Don Juaners.

On the subject of favorite movies that really help you with women, I offer these:

Phenomenon - great story about how he broke through the woman's character by never giving up and just being sweet!

Don Juan de Marco - pretty much a classic guy movie for learning about women. After watching this movie, you just can't help but feel confident! I wanted to go out and try everything he did!

How to Be a Player - Definitely a different look at the guys side. The whole movie explains what you should and should not do! Just be careful! Most of the stuff is just for PLAYERS. But other stuff can be for everyone.

Cartoons - Many women find men who can sit through a Disney cartoon very sensitive and kind, and you will definitely score points.

Some you have heard about before, and some maybe not...but they are all good! And if you just take a date to a chick flick...many times you will score big...just be yourself...with some lines from the movies.

I'm sure you've already received this but the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta and Kyra Sedgewick. The line I remember most is what Robert Duvall said when explaining why John Travolta's character had so much success with Kyra Sedgewick's character.

She made wicker chairs as a hobby and it was her passion in life and he knew she loved those chairs. Even though he didn't feel the same way she did about them and he had no real use for them, he would buy a chair from her as often as possible. Since he showed so much interest in her passion she became more and more attracted to him.

Robert Duvall said that the way he was able to make it to her heart was to BUY HER CHAIRS. In essence buy into what makes this woman happy and you catch her interest. This has worked for me several times and has helped me become more in tune with the woman I date.

I can't believe Fight Club isn't on the list. Brad Pitt IS the alpha male. Even though he doesn't do a single pick up, it describes exactly how you need to be to pull, and the dangers of repressing such desires.

Rent it - best movie I've ever seen.

For those that haven't seen it, I can't tell you any more, because the first rule of fight club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB :)

I want to recommend a movie I saw last night called The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Humans (1999). It's very cool and funny, explodes the relationships in a very real way.

I can't believe no one has recommended the greatest relationship movie of all time!

Say Anything - with John Cuzak

If you are going to see any movie with a woman, it has to be this one. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and when it is all over, you can talk about it for days. I think every aspiring Don Juan should have this movie in their collection.

Other movies that make my list of great date movies:

Better Off Dead (with John Cuzak)
Still Breathing (with Brendan Frasier)
With Honors (with Brendan Frasier)
Message in a Bottle (with Kevin Costner)
For the Love of the Game (with Kevin Costner)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (with Hugh Grant)
The Wedding Singer (with Adam Sandler)
The Princess Bride (with Cary Elwes)
Breakfast at Tiffany's (with Audry Hepburn)
Notting Hill (with Hugh Grant)
Pretty Woman (with Richard Gere)
Runnaway Bride (with Richard Gere)
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Animated)
There's Something About Mary (with Ben Stiller)
Benny and Joon (with Johnny Depp)
Edward Scissorhands (with Johnny Depp)
Sixteen Candles (with Molly Ringwald)
The Breakfast Club (with Molly Ringwald)
The Night We Never Met (with Matthew Broderick)
Addicted to Love (with Matthew Broderick)
Honeymoon in Vegas (with Nicholas Cage)
L.A. Story (with Steve Martin)
When Harry Met Sally (with Billy Crystal)
Sleepless in Seattle (with Tom Hanks)
As Good as It Gets (with Helen Hunt)
What Women Want (with Mel Gibson)
and Love Affair (with Annette Benning).

Believe me. After watching these movies, you start to look at relationships in a whole different light.


On the theme of movies that you can learn from. There is one outstanding example that taught me a hell of a lot. It's known by several titles Success, American Success, and The American Success Company. Unfortunately, rarely seen on TV and hard to find on video it's one of Jeff Bridges' earlier movies.

In the movie Jeff Bridges plays a frustrated exec with feeling of inadequacy who fakes his own kidnapping and learns to become a "real man." Beg, steal or borrow this film. You won't regret it.