Make Yourself Known and the Girls Come to You


I think I've found a new way to get chicks that I like a whole lot. The best part is, once you do it, the effort is over. The chicks come to you.

Think about this: how come all of these ugly, unkempt, disgusting celebrities (Howard Stern, Lyle Lovitt, Tommy Lee, Trent Reznor) have hot chicks chasing them left and right?

Sure, money plays a part of it. But the main reason is because they are WELL KNOWN.

Let me take this to a more personal level. I'm a senior in high school, and throughout my high school career I've always been considered a little bit better-than-average looking (my best assets are my six pack and muscles) but far from a Tom Cruise. I've done pretty well attracting women, but I was always far from being the "big ladies man" of the halls.

However, on Friday, our school had a talent show, and my friend got up on stage and rapped Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, while I danced in front of the whole school, showing off my body, in nothing but Daisy Dukes, a gold necklace, and body glitter. Sounds gay doesn't it?

But all throughout the rest of that day and so far this morning, every female in the hall that I've passed has looked at me.

I hear people saying "hey it's that Vanilla Ice guy" as I pass, and 6 girls I don't know called me over the weekend saying "hey I saw you in the talent show, you're HOT" or something to that effect. My friend's sophomore sister told me that she knows about 30 sophomore girls that are wanting my number. All of this because of one stupid dance at a talent show. And though I could get girls before, I was no hot object by any stretch.

The moral of the story is: do something to make yourself known!

Give yourself a name and make yourself the talk of the town. Do something crazy. Go streaking, jump up on stage with the band in your underwear at a concert, just do something to make yourself known.

If you don't believe that that gets women, just ask any rock star.