Tips On Picking Up Any Woman You Want

by Big Don

The whole key to picking up a woman you don't know is getting the confidence to make it happen and being smooth enough to pull it off. If you have the confidence, the rest takes care of itself.

Let me apply this principal to a McDonald's situation. So you see the young hottie sitting there in the booth. Tell yourself that you simply talking to her will make her day.


Think how flattered you would be if someone tried to pick you up. No matter what they looked like, it would still be a thrill.

So I would walk over to her and use the following line:

"Y'know, my horoscope today said that I should make some new friends today. My name is ____."

Or find something unique or interesting about her appearance and make a comment.

Example: "Hey those are really wild shoes!" or "That's an awesome tattoo. Where'd you get it?"

People like talking about themselves -- nothing hard to figure out there.

The key to ANY pick-up is to not make it seem like a pick-up. Be friendly and keep it on a friendly level at first.

You aren't asking for her hand in marriage. You are making a new friend and, in a sense, deciding if she is worthy of more.

Remember that because it's important: just as you decided to give her attention by walking over, you can pull out and leave her sitting there just as easily. That's a lot of power -- more than she has. Remember that!