She Will Test You

by Disciple

I think that overall you have to display certain qualities that women naturally are drawn toward. Women are naturally attracted to men who exude:

  • an aura of self-confidence
  • inner pride in themselves
  • strength of mind and of character
  • and who take care of their affairs, be they personal or business related

Remember, there are only two types of relationships between any two people. Either the relationship is a monarchy (one person takes the lead) or it is a partnership, where power is shared equally.

The age-old battle of the sexes is really a battle for dominance and control. Women have spent so many thousands of years under male domination that they are eager to exploit the power and advantages they now enjoy.

In other words, women of today will constantly test you and challenge you.

Like I said, this is the battle of the sexes and the conflict is fought on the battlefield of the mind. Remember, a woman cannot physically force a man to her will, but they can attack you on a mental and emotional level.

They have thousands of years of practice playing mind games with us and they've got it down to a science. Because of all this, you must recognize the fact only one of you can lead, and it MUST be you.

Think of yourself as the king and she is your beautiful queen. The queen has importance and she has some input in things, but ultimately she must acknowledge the power and authority of her king.

Treat a girl with respect (that doesn't make you a nice guy, only a gentleman) but as soon as she tests you or challenges your kingly power you must "remind" her who is the MAN.

You are, so just act like it and she'll respect and admire your masculine attributes.