Creating Maximum Attraction In Girls

by Disciple

When dealing with women, you always get maximum attraction by giving them less, not more.

Give them eye contact, but less eye contact is better than too much. If it's some girl you don't know and you are checking her out or vice versa, give her eye contact (which is very important) but only hold your gaze for a couple of seconds and then act as though something else now occupies your attention and then pay her no attention for a while. Even if you feel her staring at you, don't look back at her right away, wait 20-30 seconds and then look back and repeat the process.

What you are doing is creating a hunger and desire in her for more of your attention. It's like having a piece of cake and giving someone a bite but then taking the whole piece away.

Or like fishing, when you throw the line out in the water with just a small piece of bait on it. They got that sweet taste in their mouth and they will be hungry for more.

This is one of my favorite sayings:

Give em a slice of cake and get em hooked, but NEVER give em the whole cake.

I've found this technique is highly effective, especially the prettier the girl is or thinks she is.

Pretty girls are used to guys giving them a lot of attention and if you're that one guy that doesn't give it to them, they start to think, "Why doesn't he pay me attention like the others, what is it about this guy?"

She'll be interested in you because you're not all over her (which shows you don't need her), you'll stand out from the pack of hungry vultures who constantly circle around her every day, and you'll arouse her curiosity about you.

I've done this to lots of girls over the years and I've had them do everything from playing themselves just to get my attention, asking other people about me, to coming up to me and just giving me their number with a smile and telling me I'd better call them. I've even had groups of women all come over and start speaking to me and give some digits.

If any of you read one of my earlier tips about the five types of guys that get laid, you'll realize the importance of standing out from the pack.

I also caution against acting totally cold and inattentive because then she'll think either you are not interested or you may be stuck up, or weird, or worse she might think you're gay or something.

Throughout my experiences I've found the following to be true:

  • too much attention -- bad
  • no attention -- bad
  • a little attention -- very good

You have to show just enough attention to let them know you have interest in them. This also applies to other stages of the mating game.

For example, any true Don knows that you can't call a girl too much or too often or even talk on the phone too long (20-30 minutes is enough) and you can't show too much niceness and sweetness because then they lose interest.

I am currently reading Machiavelli and one of the things he said is: Benefits should be handed out drop by drop that they be relished the more.

A lot of "nice" guys always make the mistake of thinking that the more they give a woman the more she'll like them.

The opposite is true: You give em enough to always make em hungry for more.

So remember, the rule is: Less is more, and if you give more, you always end up with less or even nothing.