When to Call a Woman, and When Not To

by Anti-Dump

The main idea is NOT calling her near or on a weekend.

Let's see how this works...

Let's suppose you got her number today. Suppose another guy also got her number today. He will call in two days on Saturday and be turned down because she has a date with yet another dude.

Miss Right goes on the Saturday date and doesn't like the Saturday guy because he's like most men -- he tried to kiss her or was showing too much interest, etc.

All this time she is wondering why you never called. On Monday, she is still wondering about you. On Tuesday, she can't believe you haven't called. Nobody kept her waiting that long before.

When you call on Tuesday you are on her mind. The other guys are never on her mind because she can "forget" about them because they're predictable with the two days or next day routine.

When she is seeing OTHER GUYS on the weekend she must be thinking about you. That's why you can't call her.

It is also EASIER for her to get rid of the Saturday date because she has YOU as a BACK UP. She is still waiting for you.

If you got a number on a Saturday night, the same still applies. She will see another guy seven days later and will decide against him because of his mistakes. Because you still didn't call and nine days had passed makes no difference. You are still her BACK UP guy.

The guy that waits and only calls on a weekday has the advantage. Call on a weekend or late in the week and she will be busy.

If you get the number on a Saturday and next Saturday she has no date she will be very interested in a date with you. Women HATE being alone.

Men must stop the FEAR of losing the girl. Remember this: Women need us more than we need them. We're glad to be alone (when we can get it!). THEY ARE NOT.

Try it. Look at Mr. Guapo. I told him to call that girl on Tuesday. He called on Thursday and she had plans. Look at StartnAgain. He missed my post to wait over four days and the women never returned his call and the date never happened. He called the next day.

You be the judge. Remember, you can always go back to the old bad habits.

Good Luck!