Here's How to Deal with a Woman's Tests

by Some Guy

This is going to sound sexist, but here it is...

Ever train a dog? The key to dog training is not just teaching the dog that command X means perform action Y; that part's easy, even for a dumb dog.

The key is to establish "alpha" -- the leadership position over the dog so that the dog will actually "do" action Y when given command X, even long after the dog's excitement over learning a new trick has worn off.

Dogs in the wild live in packs, and no one dog actually wants to be the alpha. They do, however, want a strong and stable leader, and for that reason the other dogs will occasionally challenge the leader. The challenger doesn't want to become the leader. Au contraire, he wants the leader to put him back in his place and thus reassure him that his pack has a good leader who is large and in charge. The challenger will become the new leader only if he has to.

When you train dogs and live with them, you'll notice that when you are under a lot of pressure is when the dogs challenge your leadership, by balking at commands or doing things they know they're not supposed to do. It's nothing personal -- they're just insecure and want you to assert your authority.

You need to:

  1. Absolutely "not" get angry or emotional but remain calm, and
  2. Gently but firmly make the dog do whatever you told him to do.

If you fail either of these tests, you've failed as a leader in the dog's eyes, so expect more and more challenges to your authority.

Now I'm not saying treat women like dogs, just that there's a lesson to be learned here.

Contrary to what the touchy-feelyists will tell you, a woman looks to her man for leadership. She wants a man who's "large and in charge" and secure with himself. When she screws with your mind and plays these little games to make you jealous, she's testing your leadership, testing to see if you'll be a man, or go all to pieces emotionally.

You need to remain calm and show no signs at all of insecurity, otherwise she'll think you're pathetic and lose interest in you. I've learned this the hard way.

If she's flirting with other guys, you need to tell her calmly and in a civilized manner that she needs to decide whether she's with you or whether she's with them. No getting angry or upset, which would undermine your leadership.

Be a man. Tell her how it is and let her decide.

If she's "not" flirting with other guys, then you probably have nothing to worry about as long as you don't lose your cool and make her think you're pathetic.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and insecurity means you're not a good leader.