Playing Games with Women? Don't Overdo It

by Krynnster

You all know that one of the fundamental things you need to do to keep a woman interested is to not give too much too soon.

A popular way to achieve this is what I like to refer to as "playing the game". When you're "playing the game", you're trying to artificially create an aura of mystery around yourself.

  1. You wait 7 days before you call.
  2. You hold back on giving personal information.
  3. You hold back on giving compliments.
  4. You even hold back on getting physical.


The purpose of this "game" is to tease your woman and raise her interest level to the point she will stop at nothing to find out more about you.

Does "the game" work?

Well, yes. Kinda. Sorta. As long as you understand that "the game" is all about using common sense!

Here's the deal: there is a fine line between being mysterious and being a bonehead.

If you hold back too much and make yourself too unavailable, the woman will eventually lose interest!

How much can you "push it"?

I really don't have a clue. Generally (and I am only speaking out of personal experience) the more mature the woman and the more she knows what she's looking for, the less tolerant she will be to "the game."

Then again, different people have different tolerance levels, but I can guarantee you that everybody can only put up with so much abuse. Just take yourself as an example. How long will you bang your head against a wall before you give up?

Case in point:

I recently had the pleasure of dating a 25 year-old woman who told me she dumped a guy because he was playing it hard to get! She saw right through it and decided not to waste her time on immaturity. He thought he was "teasing" her while, in fact, he was digging his own grave.

By the way, my first date with this woman ended with a hug, the second ended with a kiss, and the third ended in her bed.

Was this too fast? No.

Was she using me and controlling me? Again, no.

To be fair, I have to say that this relationship didn't last because:

  • I stopped being a challenge
  • figured she was mine and stopped focusing on making myself attractive
  • became way too available
  • and basically gave her all the control

When I found out she was cheating on me, I dumped her on the spot, so at least you can say I knew when to take the control back to my hands.

I know some of you may argue that everything was planned. That the witchy woman just put her evil spell on me and played me like a fiddle. I don't buy that!

I take full responsibility for losing that woman and I will not make the same mistake again, but that didn't convince me that playing mind games is the way to go!

Call me naive, but I truly believe that women are looking for more-or-less the same things we do:

  1. We want to be treated with respect. So do they.
  2. We want to have an exciting relationship. So do they.
  3. We want an active partner, not a pet. So do they.

I guess I'm rambling a bit, but the point of all this is simple:

You want to build your relationship gradually. You want to be a challenge. You want to keep your woman interested in you. This is all good!

What you don't want to do is "play the game" too much because you just might shoot yourself in the foot.