How to Maintain Control When She's Mad at You... Because You Screwed Up!

by LittleDon

Often, when a girl gets mad at a guy for something he did, the guy totally blows it by begging her for her forgiveness.

This gives her all the power and keeps him in the wrong.

There is a way to turn this around though. So much so that you doing something wrong can actually be a good thing!

The trick is to first not show any guilt. Don't let her know you feel like you did something wrong.

Secondly, you need to find something you can be mad at her about and focus on that. When a girl is put on the defensive it's amazing how quickly they can forget about how mad they were at you. All they will be thinking about is how to not have you upset with them.

They will in turn end up begging you for your forgiveness.

For example, the other night this girl who I don't know got on the computer WITH my girlfriend and her friend right there. I, of course, had no clue my girlfriend was right there reading everything I said. This girl started asking me questions, one of which was if I was dating anybody. I said I was dating a few girls. She then let me know that she knew my girlfriend and that she was sitting right there with her reading what I said. They apparently were trying to find out bad stuff about me so that my girlfriend wouldn't get hurt.

After that I was thinking, oh crap, I screwed myself this time. I had three girls extremely pissed off at me, and the girl that I'm involved with went into another room crying.

At first all I could think to do was to call her up and apologize. Meanwhile the girls went over to another house so I had some time to think of what I should do.

The main thing that came to my mind was that I was losing control, that the girl was getting the ball in her court. I needed to step up and take the control back.

How could I do this? I had three girls extremely pissed off at me, not to mention the fact that I was made a fool of by the way I got played.

Then it came to me: I could dump her right then and there!

Drastic you think? Maybe, but I had a feeling it would turn things around.

When the girl got back on instant messenger I started things off with, "OK, I'm sorry you got hurt, but you know that shouldn't of hurt you. You know how I feel about you. But I'm not going to give you any excuses for me dating other girls, because I don't need to. If you are going to be like this now there's no way I can be with you. For one thing, I have a zero tolerance for girls that play stupid games like that. Secondly, you do not trust me."

What this did was focus the wrong on her. I acted mad at her because she played a game on me, and I was not going to put up with it.

I then said "I'm breaking this off right now. You're getting too far into this. I've been trying to take it slow with you so that you wouldn't get hurt, but you are. I was dating other girls way before me and you got involved."

This worked perfectly.

First, it showed that I didn't need her, that I had other girls, and she ended up begging me not to be mad at her and leave her.

Later on in the night I talked to the other girls that were mad at me. What I did with them was chew them out for playing a stupid game like that; I acted like I was extremely pissed. They ended up actually pleading with me not to be mad at them.

I couldn't believe how well I was actually able to turn things around. I started off with the girl I'm dating ready to leave me, and her two friends pissed off at me. By the end of the night the girl had begged me to not be upset with her and to not leave her, and her two friends were actually relieved that I forgave them.

Let this be a lesson, guys. You are THE MAN; you have the power to take things wherever you choose. Do not let yourselves be controlled by women. Never beg; never give in out of fear that you will lose them. Force them to give in out of fear that they will lose you.