15 Intimate Conversation Topics

You Want to Stimulate and Guide a Woman's Emotions

by A Turtle Name Adrian

These topics should have her emotions filled with either HAPPINESS, SADNESS, or GLADNESS. You want her to FEEL, FEEL, FEEL. But YOU want to guide her emotions. Good Luck.

  1. THE PRESENT - talking about what's going on in the present moment.
  2. FAVORITES - what's your favorite ice cream flavor?, what's your favorite city? why?
  3. FRIENDSHIP - what is the meaning of friendship? do you have a best friend?
  4. GOALS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS - so tell me about how you accomplish such a task?
  5. HOPES & DREAMS - so what would you do if you won a million dollars?
  6. HAVE YOU EVER? - have you ever been in love?
  7. DO YOU BELIEVE? - do you believe in GOD?, do you believe in love at first site?
  8. IF YOU COULD? - if you could fly, where would you go?
  9. MEN, WOMEN, & CHILDREN - how do you feel towards men?, are you planning on having any children?
  10. HAPPINESS - are you happy at the moment? what would currently make you happy? (then act on it).
  11. LONELINESS - do you ever feel lonely sometimes? what do you do?
  12. IN COMMON? - try to find what you have in common with her, then talk about it.
  13. FALLING IN LOVE - talk about the times you fell in love.
  14. MARRIAGE - talk about marriage. Other people's marriages without gossiping.
  15. SEX - what's your favorite position?, what do you expect from a man in bed?, has a man ever made you c*m yet?

Hope these work for you.