Flirting 101 — 7 Tips for Successful Flirting

by Terminator911

  1. Take the initiative once in a while. Other people are shy too.
  2. Be aware of your body language and the messages you're sending subconsciously. Positioning your body to face the object of your affection says you're open and friendly. Wrapping your arms around yourself as if you were wearing a straitjacket tells the world you're either cold or closed off, neither of which makes you particularly approachable.
  3. Touch is powerful, so use it sparingly. Practice briefly grazing the other person's hand or forearm in conversation. Look for signs of acceptance (reciprocity, for instance) before repeating the gesture.
  4. Understand that listening more than you talk is the ultimate turn-on.
  5. Don't wait for a certain time or place to flirt. As long as the situation is appropriate, make your location work for you.
  6. Be generous with sincere compliments. ("What a charming accent," or "That color looks wonderful on you.")
  7. Remember that our capacity to flirt is limitless -- so don't let one lame attempt deter you.