The Qualities That Attract Women

by Pook

Rather then focusing on WORTHY, let's avoid being put in the LOSER and FRIEND categories.


Men become Losers when they show they can be manipulated by women. Nice guys who bring flowers to a coffee date, who supplicate all the time, are those that become "door mats" or "emotional tampons".

Men also become Losers when they lack ambition, respect, and courage, qualities that consist of a man. Guys who are still living with their parents when they are 25 and still working in the grocery store they have been since high school are a turn off for women. They will see you as pathetic. Pathetic guys are Losers.

Those that are put in the Loser category are those who fail to act like a MAN. One thing I constantly hear woman saying is that "I want a man! Not a boy, not a chump, but a MAN!" Girls want to marry someone they can respect and admire. Losers are males they have no respect for.


The only difference between the Friend category and the Worthy category is that those in the Friend category fail to demonstrate their sexuality.

Nice guys think their sexuality will scare the woman so they hide it. They then wonder why they hear "Let's Just be Friends" a lot.


Women like to sit and wonder, and wonder, and wonder. They love to feel, feel, and feel and then tell their girlfriends...

  • how they feel it
  • when they feel it
  • just how exactly they feel it
  • if they will feel it again
  • if they can feel it with anyone else
  • if they feel it well
  • if they feel it bad
  • if they feel the feel
  • and if they feel how their friends feel
  • how she feels about how she feels when she's feeling it

That is the essence of all female communication.

During the zenith of this Feeling Fest, the female envisions the IDEAL dude. This dude will never be you because it exists in her mind, not reality because women are in love with the concept of love. This ideal dude is just simply a blanket sum of characteristics she wants to feel when she is around a man.

EX: The ideal dude is tall because women feel more protected and feminine around tall dudes. She's not looking for a tall dude, she is looking to FEEL protected and feminine.

Courtship is nothing more then a path through a series of locks. Women put up these locks in hoping that you can get through them. If you get through the locks, you become THE ONE.

  • Cute = Click!
  • Tall = Click!
  • Funny = Click!
  • Nice smile = Click!
  • Ambitious = Click!
  • Smart = Click!
  • Listens = Click!
  • Romantic = Click!
  • Same values = Click!
  • Parents and friends like him = Click!

The series of locks is coming apart. When asked, "You silly chick! Why do you like this guy!?" "I don't know. We just click."

Those that pass the first couple of locks (which usually are of cuteness, height, and personality) are deemed Worthy. The woman then wants to date you to see how many locks you can open.

She wants you to open them all.

If you are one of the very few who are able to do so, she will do everything she can to marry you.

And the older women get, the less locks that remain. Eventually, just "male and breathing" will be the only lock that remains!

This is why the BS tests and games are thrown at you, even if she has high interest. Just as we use rules to protect our hearts, women have a system to protect their hearts. No women wants to fall in love and marry a worthless jerk.

The locks are there to secure her heart and future. Show her that you have the keys to the first few locks and you'll be given the green light.

You will then be put in the Worthy category.