3 Subtle Tests You Must Pass with a Woman

by Milesman

It is my observation that women gauge manliness, courage and wit with subtle tests very early on in a relationship.

It's fascinating how they disguise these tests; their phrasing and tonality; the flash in their eyes. It's interesting indeed but deadly to the unaware.

You've probably had women present to you these recent "qualifiers" that a young lady sent my way, but did you downplay them or not recognize that round one had begun? Do not be fooled:


"So. Talk to me."

Innocent enough at first listen, however she is metering your spontaneity and cleverness. She also is curious to how you will act under pressure in social situations. Do not regurgitate back at her, "What do you wanna talk about?".

"Yea, my mom and I, we really have this connection. She's always been there for me and I don't know what I'd do without her! Don't you feel the same about your mom?"

Mama's boy test. She's wants to know if you're independent and strong-willed. You can talk about yo mama to a point if you're with a black woman, with any other woman however, explain your appreciation for mom but show that you're your own man.

"So did you love your last girlfriend?"

DANGER! She's looking for the slightest hint of attachment and insecurity. She doesn't give a DAMN about your old lady! Get off this one ASAP!

A good friend hipped me to becoming aware of the quizzes women like to pop and answering advantageously. Something that all guys should master.

Did you ace last week's exam?