Picking Up Girls In a Dance Club

by Peak

1) Go to clubs and walk in with the attitude like you just had sex with a supermodel. That means you are grinning and can't stop dancing cause you are at the pinnacle of your life. I commonly chew breath-freshening gum, women love the taste!

2) Walk straight on the dance floor and bust moves like you were at home all by yourself and no-one was watching. Feel the music, love the beat, sweat.

3) Clap your hands to the music, laugh with your friends, stomp your feet and look around at the crowd like they are a beautiful painting in an art gallery. Be fascinated, but detached from the scene.

4) Break away from your friends so that you seem even more confident in yourself. Go up on the podium and dance up a major sweat.

5) Every now and then shake your ass.

6) Don't act like a dog on heat. Banish the idea that you are there to pick up chicks.

7) When you have thrown away the idea of wanting to pick up girls move around the club and spot a woman you want. No doubt she has noticed you from much earlier as you strutted your stuff.

8) Go and start dancing next to the said girl. If within 3 seconds she has not looked at you, hip bump her. If she responds with a smile move in straight away by kinoing (touching) her.

9) If she doesn't respond move on straight away to a) another hottie b) the bar c) a couch. Then just sit and veg for a while. If a girl is near you that you like smile and say hello.

10) No need to talk much to the woman; let your dance moves captivate her imagination.

11) Out of the blue just say "number" authoritatively. She'll eventually get the drift and jump for joy.

12) Never forget that you are the man, you are comfortable with your surroundings and not bothered by what others think of your positive behaviors.