Projecting Strength and Confidence Without Being a Jerk

by Robert Jordon

Do you want to double or even triple your success with women?

If you want to gain greater personal confidence and strength and discover the real truth about jerks! This is for you!

Most people want very much to be strong, but do not seem to be able to find the real strength they yearn for. Instead, they find qualities that pass themselves off as strength, but secretly leave these people feeling weak.

Some Examples of False Strength and Confidence:

  • lashing out in anger when frustrated
  • demanding that we are right
  • blaming someone else for causing the problem
  • being loud and intimidating, or cold and critical

Some Examples of Real Strength and Confidence:

  • remaining calm in a crisis
  • never feeling the need to prove ourselves to anyone
  • seeking to solve the problem rather than placing blame
  • seeing all problems and setbacks as necessary steps to greater success in the future

Please take a look at the first list (False Confidence). Isn't this how many jerks act?

It has been said many times that "Jerks" just appear confident and in control, but in reality they are only using anger and aggression to mask their fears and insecurities!

Unfortunately, girls don't see the fakery in the attitudes the jerks possess, so they are attracted to them. The problem with this is, although the jerk can attract the girls, he often ends up breaking their hearts and losing them.

So what is the answer?

We all know full well that being the "nice guy" doesn't work. The answer lies within the qualities listed in the second category above (Real Strength/Confidence).

If we can learn to be cool and together and emit true confidence, we will not only attract the women of our dreams, but we will also possess the skills to keep them in our lives.

Practice this for yourself. It isn't easy, but it will sure put you ahead of the average guy!