How to Approach a Woman Successfully

by REd-xL

Here are a few tips you can use to make your life easier when it comes to approaching girls:

1. When you first meet a girl, try to make eye contact with her. When she looks at you, give her a nice, casual smile. Her reaction to this is what can determine whether she is approachable or not.


  • Smiles back
  • Looks down then away
  • Subtly opens up (brushes hair from face, unbuttons jacket, uncrosses arms, leans forward, etc.)
  • Tilts head
  • Increases blinking rate


  • Immediately looks away
  • Turns her head at all
  • Subtly closes up (usually happens with girls who already have boyfriends)


  • Keeps staring
  • Looks away (but not down first or immediately)

If you can weed out some girls that will shut you down, you can avoid the blow to self-esteem and time wasted when they give you the shaft.

2. Now that you know which girls to approach, what do you say to them? What kind of opening line can you use without looking silly or stupid?

Answer: "Hi" with a nice, casual smile.

In a research project, 71% of women acknowledged and responded to men who opened up with that line. Needless to say, 100% of men did the same for women who approached and said, "Hi."

Conclusion? The odds are totally in your favor, especially after you've separated some of the 29% from the playing field.

3. OK, now I've really got her attention, but now what do I talk about?

This is usually where most men have the biggest problem: flirting. Here are some basic tips:

  • Keep the focus of the conversation about her. People love to talk about themselves, especially about their ambitions and dreams.
  • Try to make cute jokes, but never about her or yourself (example: I'm gay - just kidding!). This is a sign of weakness, especially during a first impression.
  • Always keep good eye contact, but never stare.
  • Never talk about guy stuff (cars, sports, sex, etc.) unless she brings it up.
  • If you need to initiate the conversation, find something unique on her body and ask her about it. My favorite is the design on the T-shirts, especially the part covering the tits. This is an advertisement, so act like a client.
  • Only ask open-ended questions.
  • Avoid topics about politics or relationships.
  • Always keep the conversation upbeat.

We all know what a good conversation goes like, but we often make the mistake of letting it carry on for too long until the conversation gets boring. Learn to cut it off by telling her you have to take care of something. Ask for her number. If everything went fluidly, you've got yourself a winner.

4. Confidence, confidence, confidence, and, alas, confidence.... I can never stress this point enough. You're perceived as you act.

5. Extra tidbits:

  • Once you feel that vibe between you and a girl, chances are she's feeling the exact same way. Take advantage of this opportunity to touch her arm or hand every now and then when you mention her.
  • If she initiates the conversation, you're in great luck.
  • If she's with friends, talk to the group and slowly narrow the conversation down to her, exclusively. It'll make her feel really special to be exclusive.
  • Never complain about anything unless you mean to joke (don't even try talking about the difference between sexes).
  • Stand still when you talk to her, and try not to make too many movements with your hands.
  • As we all should know by now, wait at least 3-4 days before calling her back.

Anytime you feel your insecurities holding you back, tell yourself, "I only live life once!" under your breath. Put your head down, full-steam ahead, and don't even look back!

If you've read this far, you have the ambition to succeed with girls. Go get 'em, Tiger!