Club Tip: Ask Her to Buy YOU a Drink

by Neanderthal Supersoldier

Never buy a girl a drink in a club.

I am always arrogant enough to suggest to girls that they should buy me a drink. Almost always I can tell that this catches them off guard and rattles them. Some are better at hiding it than others.

Who cares if she ever does buy you that drink. You just made it clear to her that she has to impress you and do some work. You demonstrate that you are different from the rest of the goofs.

But girls that submit that early to you, hello, usually are the kinds of girls that have good potential for relationships, and not just sex.

(I should first say that most girls do NOT buy me a drink. So I have a limited amount of references to speak of when talking about girls that have bought me a drink.)

It seems like the nice, sweet girls don't really understand I am playing a game with them to qualify them when I do that, and they go ahead and buy me a drink. I am trying to see how agreeable and flexible girls are as well as show them they have to work a bit to get me.

I am more attracted to the nice sweet naive type girls. Hence, why in the above post I said they are better for relationships. Because the girls I want in relationships are the ones who, thank god, have been the ones who actually have bought me drinks.

The other girls just seem to laugh at my arrogance of asking them to buy me a drink, but are intrigued by it. They are the ones that are better at playing games with guys.

Actually quite a number of girls are willing to let me share a drink that they buy. These girls have been in groups of girls too.

Either way it goes, it's obviously not about the drink.

The drink is just the test and me asking for the drink is just me proving a point to them.