Secrets of Approaching Women: The Walking Approach

by Pimpologist

It is perfectly normal for women to keep walking by when you walk by and greet them. Your job is to approach in a manner that indicates that you want to actually speak to them.

There is a difference between "just walking by saying hi" and walking by saying hi with the intent to strike up a descent conversation.

A mistake I used to make was being too "far" when actually saying hi. What I now do when I see a girl I'm attracted to walking towards me, I start walking towards her as if to almost walk into her. As she gets closer, I gradually close the distance.

This does two things:

  1. It forces her to be more conscious of you.
  2. It indicates that you intend to stop and speak to her.

Now this is not foolproof; some girls will require that you say something in addition to saying "hi" before they stop to talk to you. I usually ask her name and go through a simple intro. This will definitely get her to stop if she hasn't already stopped. (Most girls I meet usually stop or at least slow down.)

Then I start a little small talk as I initiate a "walking together."

My confidence is sky high because of so much experience I've had during the past couple months, so direct approaching (starting with a simple intro) is not a problem for me anymore; I don't even think of confidence anymore.

If you can't bring yourself to ask her name or introduce yourself, I suggest you initially begin with small talk.

Immediately after saying hi, you can begin with… "Where are you headed to?" Her answer to this question will usually give you "seeds" for additional questions. Then start walking with her as you talk about whatever.

Before you know it you will have been conversing and increasing her interest level without any effort at all... and the number close will be no big deal.

Pretty soon you will find yourself actually making the girls you approach nervous because they'll be worried that they won't be "up to par" with your conversational skills; they will be worried that they will be at a loss for words or that they'll say something dumb.

Contrary to popular belief, some women actually fear not being able to hold up their end of the convo.

When you approach with little to no hesitation that is one of the results you will get.